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Thread: Billing Problem, Support Richard Unwilling to help

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    Billing Problem, Support Richard Unwilling to help

    Last week I bought 7 days card but from my account has been taken 4,99$ with purchase history. I send the mail to support.
    And unlucky of me I got "Richard" as support. Even with all the right documents ı send it. He said ı dont see this purchase, ı said look again nope he doesnt look and days pass.
    Yet still he didnt turn to my ticket,
    I ask him another thing as customer, My gc is mess it up, If he could reset it. And again same unwilling to help customer service employee ;
    "Nope only you can reset."

    I wish your customer service employee works like betty.He just took my game ID and will reset it

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    Dear Leader
    If you use iOS device, please attach a screenshot of the order receipt here and we will check it for you again. If you use android device, please post the Google Receipt here so that we can check for you. And please also give us your account id so that we could locate your account. Thank you.

    Best Regards

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