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Thread: this game is starting to suck under vip11

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    Quote Originally Posted by safado View Post
    So basically a department store would make no money without the people who don't buy anything just walking around?
    finally u get the point. without the crowd of window shoppers u would have a near empty store and who would wanna shop at a store without people inside? less shoppers equals less buyers which makes covering rent and other expenses a problem let alone make money.

    go ahead and open a store with a sign if u come in u must buy something. i guarantee ull have a negative monthly income.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JayProulx View Post
    newer server wtf you talking about :P we have no good heroes in shop not even thunder beast...
    best heroes in shop is bloody earl nothing else ...
    Yes I am from a newer server, 202 to be precise and we have wind priest, avenger and bloody earl

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