we at s33 paradox want to recruit new strong daily players here
our guildmates lvl are all lvl 106 and about 3 people still on lvl 105
we have Activity Point 100k - 110k for 3 days guild activity,meants we here are really active guild,server 33 is a very active server ,u can go look there to see the guild rank activity , 4 super active guild all hit 100k 3 day Guild activity
guild raids 18 , 19 , 20 are reset fast here so we can get gears faster
our AHP here started from 1,3 million to 1,7 M for now

so if u like to join us pm me line-danielluo84

our requirement are :
- TL 106
- Active Daily with 1k AP / day
- AHP at least 1,3 million ++ (at least VIP lvl 11)
- Use line or WhatsApp

if u interested please let me know, thank you !!!!