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Thread: Plundering time issue fix

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    Plundering time issue fix

    Plundering for resources takes way too much time. We all agree on that. People quitting the game regulary because it takes too much of their time.

    Here's a suggestion how to fix the time issue with plundering:
    Add an option to War Hall to send multiple teams to scavenge resources.
    Something like the digging teams in Booty Cave.
    The option to send scavenge teams comes available after you have shown to be able to be a skilled plunderer (done 10 plunderings).
    The amount of resources your teams can scavage depends on the teams power.
    Manually plundering will be disabeled as long as there are scavenging teams underway.
    The heroes you use for the scavenging teams are taken from the same pool as the digging teams from Booty Cave, so you have to do some smart managing.

    Please pass this idea to the developers. We desperately need someting done about the amount of time plundering resources is costing us every day.
    With this idea we only need to do 10 plunderings a day and after that the scavenging teams will get us the daily needed resources.

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    Nice ideea with teams sent to plunder

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