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Thread: LB 4th skill description

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    LB 4th skill description

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    Apollo gains the healers bonus energy and HP when he receives certain healing skills.
    Each healing gains the healer 8475 HP.

    Please, someone explain exactly what LB 4th skill's description means. My English maybe is not so good to understand it properly.
    LB heals the healer? So he heals healer for 8475 HP, but how much energy he returns?

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    Strangely it seems to be exact 100 energy per healing wave of Chap now. So 4x100 = not even half of energy bar.
    Strange because it seems to not be influenced by skill lvl.
    Was only set to this with latest update, as ucool Devs couldn't find a smarter way to prevent lb/Chap combo to infinite healing without breaks

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    Yeah. 100 per healing plus more health bonus back to the healer. Pointless for chap cause she will be full anyway. Other more useless healers may have a minor benefit

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