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Thread: New update - Plundering

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    Quote Originally Posted by chelski View Post
    and I also said that at the start with 3 hours per training, how many times you can train in a day? absolutely no need to plunder at that time.
    u know that at the start with 3 hours per training ur buildings were also lvl 1... u didnt plunder to lvl up ur buildings? did the resources fly out of no where?
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    It is absolutely incredible how is the plundering right now...!!
    Lv. 104, WP, Avenger, Steel, TF (skinned), Crappy, Sorc. ALL fully geared/enchanted/trained and i can't plunder beyond 40-50k daily!!
    My Herc will be 5* R+2 fully trained by the end of the month, Frost Dragon also, BUT until then i simply cannot find a good team for at, least 150k rss daily!!

    Probably the Sorc.-based MM team might work from 105+, but here at 104 the plundering has became absolutely unacceptable hard!!

    Please do share any compositions for a decent daily plundering involving these heroes or any others except from Trigger which is 3* at the moment.

    Thank you all.

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