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Thread: Word of warning about promoting DM to r3

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    Word of warning about promoting DM to r3

    If you're thinking about promoting DM to r3 at level 106, be warned that she will no longer reliably block ER's first pull (doesn't matter whether r2 or r3 ER). I believe this is due to her loss of mcrit and ignore mres - apparently, her mpwr gains don't make up for it. She's still pretty strong as a damage dealer, but if you're using her solely as a rabbit counter, you will be disappointed.

    Once you can equip that last r3 item at level 107, then there is no reason not to promote DM.

    So the tests I was doing before had DM in 3rd position, and enemy ER in 3rd position as well (behind TF+CK/DW). After doing some more tests, I think the reason DM sometimes can't block ER's first pull is due to the skill cooldown decrease of DM at r3. She uses her first attack sooner, and thus sometimes attacks before rabbit is even in range of her attack (in all cases where I saw rabbit successfully do the initial pull, DM completely missed him with her attack). I'm still not sure why sometimes she hits rabbit and sometimes she doesn't.

    If DM is in 2nd position, she will always hit rabbit in 3rd position. But in that case, you're usually better off using HN
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    You're half right because once rabbit is r3
    He can't be interrupted by dm or any other hero

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    Not totally true. Hn at r3 can still interrupt rabbit at r3 if full trained, but avenger and DM no longer can. I think at r4 hn can't do it either.

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    At R4, TB can interrupt ER

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