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Thread: Lord of Caves advice

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    Lord of Caves advice

    I'm trying to complete lord of caves at 3 stars at the highest difficulty right now (currently level 93) but need advice on team formation...

    So far my team is soulhunter and machinist as concrete heroes, it's the last 3 spots I'm having trouble deciding on. My options are sorceress, wind priest, death mage, frost mage, and imperial executioner. Thunder beast is not available in any shop on my server. I'm wondering if I should invest in either frost mage for her debuff or imperial executioner for his massive damage at once
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    Yes use your first 3 options sorceress, wind priest and death mage. I am not sure what difficulty is available for a level 93 (maybe 7 or 8?) but those 3 heroes are useful even in difficulty 10.

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    You can also use QoC if available.
    Use IE and SH should also works.

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    Death Mage and Wind Priest are great options, good against lord of caves and in any other aspect in the game. Sorceress is good against lord of caves, but there are better options.
    I don't recommend investing in Imperial Executioner and in Frost Mage because they lost their usefulness outside portals.
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    wp/dm/sorceress/machinist and a tank that survives, psyco is great, but not worth investing in any more, used to be, thats why on older servers its often easier using old toons

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