Hey uncool, this new update is full of crap. Grand chalange is the same, crussade has the same crap drop, and the gear is so hard to get , for us vip players, not to mention for low vip. We had a awsome quild, with hardcore players ( about 40 ppl ) playing for more than 2 years. With this update i lost 4 good people in 2 days. And some are on the edge of quitting right now. If that happen to us, i am sure this is happening on all other servers.
1. Make grand chalange better
2. Adjust crussade drop to the 'crap' we have to get now.
3. Add something new, to be able to get allmighty, or something.
4. Where the f... is WorlBoss??
5. Need pizza in ranna's shop
And maybe we need more, but you pay a lot of $$ to developers.... ask them to come with ideeas ).