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Thread: How do I get master hero shards?

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    How do I get master hero shards?

    Ok so I have just over 50 hero shards after using some to buy a hero. I now have three more heroes I can buy with them but I never figured out how I got master hero shards in the first place. Can anyone e she'd some light on this? I'm a completion and collector with 25 heroes already, and knowing this would put me at 28 if I used each card I have. Thanks in advance guys!

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    the come in chests but i've been playing for 3+ months and only have 11. it will take me a year or more to save the 188 required to buy a hero at this rate. i just save up gold instead. shards are worthless for me :/

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    I have been playing from the beginning of the year and I only have 28 shards ._.
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