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Thread: "Send All" button for new Facebook linking function

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    "Send All" button for new Facebook linking function

    We strongly ask the Devs for a quick resolution regarding the implementation of a "Send All" button in the "Invite Friend" menu.

    The current "Claim All" button has limited to no use applicability due to the randomness of gifts and their daily limited number.

    Browsing through 50+ Friends pages becomes a painful daily task and a time-consuming redundant action with zero benefits in term of gameplay.

    So, please, consider adding that kind of button as a priority since it involves little effort while it will be highly appreciated and rewarding among our community. Even such button on every Friends page would be a consistent time reduction allowing us to focus our daily efforts on the account development while we'll promote insanely fast the game which can and will lead to your benefit

    Thank you.
    (any feedback from you will be appreciated).

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    Strongly agree, a help all friend function is urgently needed. This facebook function really helps promoting your game, and this one to one help friends option is clumsy and time consuming. Please review and improve.

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    indeed, a send all / page is much needed. wiht 30-40 min daily to send gifts to all, people will get bored and not send anymore. and this will kill this great feature

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    this would be awesome to add. for god sake it takes forever to send all the gifts for entire list of people
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