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Thread: Question for Weekly Hot Sale in Magic Stones Chest

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    Question for Weekly Hot Sale in Magic Stones Chest

    Good Day,
    I apologize if a thread exists already on the topic I am about to start. I searched and couldn't find any.

    I have a question to ask after a brief statement. I try to support the game by being a moderate spender. I get all the gem cards (Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual) when needed to be repurchased. I purchase hero sacks and loose gems once in a while.
    Being I am a VIP 12. May I ask the following..

    Why if the Magic Stones Chest has a "Weekly Hot Sale" does the chest keep the same hero for 30 to 30+ days?
    I would like the chance to spend some gems to get a few heroes I missed on like Wind Priest and Divine Knight

    Is there a way to rotate these heroes out weekly or bi weekly so we can get missed heroes and soul stones?

    I also use gems to purchase some stamina daily. I get 550 gems and appx. 70 to 130 when digging 4 caves. So that is tops 680 in a 24 hour period.
    That allows me 1 try at the chest per day and the chest does not drop something from the "Weekly Hot Sale" every day. I'm fine with that, no complaint. I would just like to be able to try for other heroes at a more frequent pace.
    Thank you
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    VIP hero is always 1 month available and does not change, the other (non VIP) heroes you can get from there are changed. There's no option to get VIP heroes from past again except ucool puts them again there, which happened last time with CA quite a while ago.
    When new hero is released you have a chance to get the hero card, which immediately unlocks the hero. Usually that needs around 6-7 successive tries . if you are lucky can happen with free chest, if unlucky you may need more, where I never needed more as 8 or 9 tries.
    After you got the hero card it will never appear again, then you can get only couple of SS of VIP hero - which, with Almighty SS - isn't necessary. Once I get the card I only use free tries.

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