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Thread: Preview of the June Signin Hero- The Armed Escort

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    Preview of the June Signin Hero- The Armed Escort

    Dear Leaders,

    Here comes our June Signin hero, the Armed Escort.

    Take a look at this heavily armed hero!

    Hero's Attributes:
    A level 105 and Red+2 Armed Escort.

    Hero's Skills:
    The Ultimate Skill- Flame Shot: Sellars launches a flame shot to deal area damage and burn enemies.
    The Green Skill- Explosive Shot: Sellars fires off an explosive shot, dealing area damage to enemies in front of him.
    The Blue Skill- Scatter Shot: Sellars shoots fast to damage and blind enemies.
    The Purple Skill- Airflow Shot: Sellars's normal attack has a chance to knock the target back.

    Flame Shot:

    Explosive Shot:

    Scatter Shot:

    Airflow Shot:

    Hero's Position:

    Best Regards

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    If he a gadget hero?

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