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Thread: New hero, update ~ 6.05.

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    New hero, update ~ 6.05.

    Each new update gets old heroes to a standstill. For example, a new Troll Champion hero has more advantages in skills than my favorite hero of the Celestial Warden. I want to emphasize that reviewed the skills of the old heroes, as in the team battle old heroes are becoming less relevant. Just want to ask you to launch your combat, you want to play with friends 1 on 1, etc.

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    Dear Player
    We do review the old heroes constantly. We will update the new version log later. Thanks.

    - Mountain King: The 2nd ability costs no mana now. And the CD reduced to 9 secs.
    - Trigger: The ultimate ability CD increased to 50 secs.
    - Warrior of Light: Decreased the bonus effect of the 2nd ability and increased its basic damage.
    - Angelyne: Decreased the healing bonus effect of the 1st/2nd/ultimate ability. Increased the ultimate ability CD to 35 secs.
    - Outcast Chieftain: Increased the switch CD by 1 sec for the 3rd ability.
    - Leader Ability: Added AD Bonus and AP Bonus for Rack and Enfeeble. The bonuses increase as the hero levels up.
    - Monsters’ attributes now increase over time in the match. The monsters’ magic resistance in the later battle stage is also increased.
    - Decreased the Gold & EXP rewards from killing common monsters.

    Best Regards

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