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Thread: Terran Swordsman

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    Terran Swordsman

    As of right now, my favorite hero in the game is Trynda here..I was looking at him before he was released and was very excited about getting him. I saved up to get him R2 5* almost immediately after release.

    Let's face it, one of the best heroes in the game still, is Turtle fighter.. he is one of a kind. However reading on Trynda I thought there might be some really good potential there...I was a little disappointed. His charge only focuses on nearby heroes, tanks first (unless you have QoC)..I was expecting a longer charge, at least to middle line..Is it too much to ask for a longer "charge"?

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    Useless sign in hero like many others. Why bother with him?
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    Agreed. He will have no benefit for your team. Don't use him or promote him.

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