Dear Ember,

I payed the $ 99.99 Limited Offer for the Wind Priest a few minutes ago.
I wanted to do that, but I made a mistake: I bought it in the wrong server.
I have an account in the 43 (Kreln) server and a recent one in the 203 (Bayrn Bay) server. The Heroic Package was bought by my mistake in the 203, and I need to have it in the 43.
Is there any possibility that this can be undone from the server 203 and done in the 32 one? I will really appreciate this as it's the biggest payment I did ever.

Here are my account IDs:

Server 43: 6242731 (I'd like the offer here)
Server 203: 27558265 (I don't want the offer here)

Sorry for the trouble and I'll wait until I hear the answer from you. I will really appreciate your help on this.
Thanks in advanced!