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Thread: Heroes List - Search Filters/Sorting

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    Heroes List - Search Filters/Sorting

    The number of heroes in the game is getting massive. I just did a quick count of my roster and I have 113 heroes, assuming I didn't miscount. Sometimes it's difficult to quickly find the hero I want. This is especially irritating in WoG, where we're against the clock to find our heroes. If I'm trying out a new comp or wanting to use a hero I haven't used recently, it can sometimes be difficult to find them. One game they're Hot, next game they're not. Or I have a brainfart and can't remember what position (Front/Center/Back) they're in, etc.

    The long and short of it is this: We have a ton of heroes now, and we need better ways to search for them. We need A) filters and B) sorting options.

    We need filters for each of the various classifications (Male/Female, Undead, Giant, Naga, etc.)

    We need to be able to sort alphabetically, by evolution, etc. This is especially needed in WoG.

    I defer to Ucool on how to implement this, but a couple small menus that produce a "popup" menu would work fine. For example, the "Quest" popup menu on the main page. You click the little arrow towards the upper right and the menu pops over. This would work perfectly. One arrow could produce the Filter menu, and the other could produce the Sorting menu. For Filter, you could easily toggle any and all relevant filters. For Sorting, you would pick the sorting order you want. Easy peasy.

    I really think this is a needed addition. Even if you may argue it's not needed now, the number of heroes is only growing.

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    Don't you think having to think about which filter to use and finding the filter you want also takes time, which might defeat the purpose?
    I don't think it's a bad idea, just wondering how useful it would be.

    I'd probably rather have a static list, alphabethical for instance, so the heroes are always in the same spot. Makes searching so much easier.
    Maybe even sort it front/mid/rear first, and then alphabetical.
    Filters can still be added to make a smaller selection if you wish.

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    Maybe put a way for me to move hero on the list so I can customize on how it should be displayed like who would be first, second, etc.

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    Only add a male/female filter

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