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Thread: Improve chat

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    Improve chat

    This game should really have a better place to chat than current. I mean the whole game became better with all new updates and improved so much from the beginning but still the chat is horrible in my honestly opinion. You could change some things , like to create a bigger chat so a member could scroll down and see all previous messages without been refreshed, and of course to put some creativity there. You know, many, if not all, guilds are been forced to have groups in different apps, as Line, whatsapp etc because the chat there is better and more easier( additional note: it would be great to share pictures and links at the HC chat). Think about it, your developers could improve the chat for sure. Have a nice day

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    Hi! My account ID is 23203770. A few days ago i asked Ember via in-game Support function to open the test-server for me. Next day i received the answer, that test server is now available for me. But there wasn't any changes in server's list and i asked u to re-check. It was my last message to Ember. After that i can't access Support. I tap the icon Support and nothing happens, no access, no faq, nothing. Please, check it. Thank you!

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    Most people use Line app to eliminate the chats weaknesses. Ember could upgrade the chat in a similar fashion to give members the chance to eliminate the need for such Apps. If guild chat or, even more important, whisper alerts where to be received in notifications it would be a great upgrade to the game. Our wet dream would be the chance to also answer whispers through the notification system instead of having to go ingame for a chat answer but that's asking too much i suppose!
    Butr seriously chat needs a severe upgrade!

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