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Thread: Server 34 Nightmare is looking for new players!!!

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    Server 34 Nightmare is looking for new players!!!

    Server 34 wants YOU!!

    We are NIGHTMARE!!!

    We are an active TOP 4 guild!!!

    If you want to be part of a HIGHLY competetive guild and enjoy destroying the competition then we’re for you! While helping and supporting each other we guide you to be your best, to reach your full potential!!

    We recently cleaned house and are looking for new guildmates to join our family. We are looking for the following:

    1) Level 104-105,

    2)At least 3 solid teams of R2 for Arena, Grand Arena and Guild Tournament

    3) Activity points MUST be maxed out Daily

    4) minimum all heroes power of 950k

    Join Us Now #46378 and be everyone’s worst NIGHTMARE!

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    Nightmare is the best guild in Server 34!!! They say imitation is the best form of flattery which is probably why everyone wants to be us :-)

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