Hello; Not just me but another friend had the same problem.

Where do not know why or the connection failure or some error where from nowhere the character starts to play alone, walk, drop the skills and etc, everything automatically, so you can not control it in any way and end up losing The game because a bot is throwing you.
And I think that this should happen to the funny AFK in the game disrupting the games of all, 100% of the games I played had 1 or 2 cute little ones stood at the base.
They could increase the number of slots of group matches, because then we would not go through this disorder in all games.
They could also include a chat chat salsa in the ranked match waiting and within the match as well, we were very limited without being able to communicate or strategize without having to use third party apps for this (like skype, discord among others).

Here are my reports and suggestions, I hope you will analyze them.
And let the game get better. (Ignore my bad English, I'm Brazilian.)

My ID: SrTexugo