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    good catch on a bug, I just assumed it was as designed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forlorn View Post
    DM is probably the best comparison, you're right, her ulti would seem to fit the same category as WP. Clones i can see disappearing, mystic im not sure what you are referring, if he is channeling the skill when he dies it stops (or i think ive seen it go off at whatever charging level it was). his skill stops since it is a death during channeling, since he is doing nothing else during that event. WP and DM both revert to normal attacks after ulti is launched.
    Death Mage is actually based on Dota 2's Death Prophet. There, the flying things are ghosts of her former self, so lorewise, it would make sense they disappear once she dies. And since you say WP is in the same category as her, it makes sense that Wind Priests ultimate would also disappear, as is now confirmed by Betty. Actually, I suspect WP's ult is based on an ability an NPC in Dota has. That ability is channeled, meaning it also disappears when the NPC dies, further supporting my statement.
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    Wind priest is based on skywrath mage in dota..

    1st skill is similar to his ultimate in dota, where he deals mass damage in a certain area

    2nd skill is similar to his nuke in dota, where his skill shot is based on intel

    3rd skill similar to concussive shot, slows enemy down in a small area

    4th is same as ancient seal, where opponent gets silenced. Single target spell

    If compared to dota, DM's ultimate fades when she dies, but skm's ultimate still affects the AoE when he dies. Don't know how ucool wants to base wind priest on, but to me if it's a direct reference to skm, then this is not a bug. Just my opinion

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