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Thread: Please Read: Regarding the internet connection and 1 character idea.

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    Please Read: Regarding the internet connection and 1 character idea.

    I have played other Moba's but this by far has the greatest gameplay with graphics. The only problem is the internet game lag. I believe this game can make it to the top of all other Moba's but the internet game lag is in the way; and no please don't say it's my internet connection cause it's not. I have great internet connection. Only time it's not great is when I'm at my friend's house. So don't be like ace of arena and say it's my internet connection cause I have a strong internet connection with megabytes that meet the criteria. Please fix this lag. Also please add a Male ninja. Thank you.

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    The lag is very annoying, I can't even play on medium graphic for very long on my galaxy s5

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    Dear Player
    You could search and download the App "IP Tools: Network Utilities" and use the Ping and TraceRoute functions to check the network performance between your device to our server. And then attach the screenshots for Ping and TraceRoute results. So that we will know why you got a high latency. For US players, you can ping our IP: . And we also need your user id to check which can be found in the Contact Us tab. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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