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Thread: OmneQ's Thoughts / Suggestions, etc.

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    - [ Bug Report ]
    When playing a match and disconnecting midgame, there is no indication other than the other players acting evidently strange and dismissive. This just happened to me. I finished the match in this odd state: which resulted in a win that rose my Rank. Truly odd.

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    - [ Trigger ]
    His Ult is useless. I easily outmaneuvered his shots and destroyed him.
    Trigger's Ult should not awkwardly reset it's aim position as though it were a turret; it should actually target the enemy.
    Consider switching his Ult into a Passive Buff rather than a Mode. Currently, it is only useful on laughably slow opponents or if you're able to backup your tank during a teamfight.
    The aim reset also feels very clunky and delayed.

    This character, overall, is incredibly forgetful. I mean that in both terms of design and gameplay. He looks like a Korean MMO's Default Male - boring, thin and in dull clothes. Also, his futuristic theme is unnecessary. A dual-crossbow character would easily suffice - akin to Demon Hunter (Heroes of the Storm).

    However, I do love his ricochet skill. Works wonders in Team Fights and on creeps!

    - [ Jungle Item ]
    I've been abusing it with other characters... it is absolutely broken. I find myself Lv.6 when my team is Lv.3, 12 when they are 6... as much as I love winning: this strategy is stupid broken and needs to be removed.

    Though not as effective on Melee champs, I was still grossly overpowered. Their lack of overall Mobility and Poke made it dificult to secure a steady gold flow.

    - [ Shadow Queen ]
    So that DoT she plants is basically a super weak version of Lil' Witch's Ult.

    I noticed that she lacks Group Effectiveness. Therefore, the DoT should be replaced with either a Buff or an explosive skill. As she is now, she's an Assassin with very little bite.

    - [ Shadowstrike ]
    When she disappears or reappears, there needs to be a visual. It's weird to see her flat out disappear - and that makes her so much more annoying when she resurfaces.

    Gameplay-wise, she is the Ultimate Assassin. She is the Katarina (League) of this game - but so much better.

    I feel as though her kit is too well made for 1v1, Jungling and Team-Fighting. It seems unfair that she can excel at all three without any trouble.

    I get it: 'in the right hands she-' 'but she's squishy'
    That is exactly the problem. You don't want a handful of players knowing how to abuse her because that creates an unbalanced and toxic environment.
    And I doubt you've seen how fast and devastating she can be in a team fight...

    She'll sneak past the Initiating Tanks and Ping Pong herself through the Mages and ADCs (Wild Card is your only to stop her if this happens, if not: try to stun her) resulting in a brutally fast death-count as her skills refresh and her Ult has her flying around decapitating everything in site. ShadowStrike is a one woman army.

    I sure had fun playing her!

    - [ Announcer ]
    Give us something a lot more Robotic and clear. Right now, she's got a bit of personality and is very muffled.

    And before I lose my mind: Get rid of that obnoxious 'YOU HAVE BEEN SLAIN'. Believe, players know when they get KO'd - and we sure as hell do not want it mentioned as such.

    - [ Runes ]
    The current setup is fun and the different upgradable types seems like a great idea...
    Until the balancing leaves there no point in using Runes with 2/3 benefits. I'm going to opt to start a match with +100 HP, not +15HP and 0.05% Regen.
    I definitely feel that my Rune selection is an unfair advantage - because at first glance, I too felt that the tri-effect Runes were better. They're not.

    Also, with Runes being upgradeable and Rune Chests being buyable... that can easily be pay to win. Same with the upgradeable Abilities. Please... don't do that.

    To be honest: introduce Runes later on and figure out their effective goal during gameplay. Treating them as an upgradeable piece of equipment is a major no-no.

    - [ not-Blitzcrank ]
    That demon guy with the hook? Here's my issue...
    This is a MOBA with a smaller map. At the most, the length of his hook should be that of about 4 or 5 champions as well as faster and with a thinner hitbox.

    Why? Because Horngry can grab people from a truly stupid distance and then lock them in a stun. You wouldn't believed how much I giggled suffocating Mages under my tower because my infinity-hook's invisible force-field took hold of a Hero. Ridiculous.

    Also, make the hook deal some damage!

    His stun-hold ability needs to be nerf'd. I've yet to hold an enemy and not have them obliterated by team in an instant. Oh, and since it is a hold: LET ME CANCEL OUT OF IT. You think I want to choke minions? I don't.

    - [ Wild Card ]
    Something needs to be done about him... he lacks a middle stride completely.

    Diminishing effects if his abilities are spammed from a fast attack rate could easily balance him out in favor of him dealing higher damage and therefore gaining better resilience from lifesteal.

    The cooldown on his Stun ability should be longer - but so should the stun.

    Right now, Blue Card is literally a spell that gets cast because 'whynot'. He has such a strong focus on Attack Speed right noe that Blue Card doesn't matter.

    I'd love to see a character who would switch between Decks or Ammo. Basically, initially switching would provide a buff'd ability ( stun, speed, slow ) and then would affect their Basic Attack ( range, splash, penetrate ).

    Thanks~ Love this game!

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    Great feed back man

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    Quote Originally Posted by SolidtaryX View Post
    everytime someone suggest its from Mobile Legends :3 lmao
    and Mobile Legends got it from League of Legends hahahaha

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    ...and League got it from DOTA which in turn got it from Warcraft which in turn got it from...

    Can't yall go somewhere else for that kinda redundant convo?


    - [ Ice Witch ]
    Her Ult should be switched with her Snap Freeze ability. It would make sense as well as make both skills perfect.

    With a DoT Slow, she could use it as both a method of escape and harassment.

    With a Snap Freeze Ult, team fights with her would be severely improved and gurantee either an escape or a possibility of destroying her enemy.

    - [ Lucent ]
    Though her Arrow Spread can deal great damage up close, I think it still needs a bit of OOMPH. Add some Poison to it!

    - [ Etc. Suggestion ]
    Azir (League) is as close to a Necromancer class I'm going to experience in a MOBA. Consider making one - I'm sure it'd be popular aa all Hell.
    And by Necromancer: I do not mean Battle Mage. I mean a summoning, cursing and crippling necromancer. My best reference would have to be that of Diablo 2's Necromancer.

    I've yet to see a MOBA have an ice skating character... so why not bring Odette to the stage! Sure, it's an idea for Mobile Legend since they seem to enjoy sports-themed characters... but it'd also work great in Heroes' Arena.
    She'd obviously be a mobile melee Magic Reaper... possibly a mix between Grim Reaper and Warrior of Light.
    I imagine a character like this to basically be akin to Bayonetta when she has the weapon 'Odette' equipped.

    More supports! Please! I mean the healing and buffing ones - not just ones who can Tank or act as a Mage.
    I mention her a ton because I loved playing as her (and her DJ skin was great): Sona (League).

    The Jungle (and the map as well tbh) need a facelift and balancing. It doesn't look very flattering (lots of pastel grays) and some maps designs are very awkward.
    The curved in ends where the last tower is on Top/Bot lane? Those are weird.

    Each Jungle Creep should have something special occur upon death. Sure, HP regen is an obvious gimme: but how about a Lightning Shield or Explosive Basic Attacks? Something that makes a lot more worthwhile than 'gold' and therefore more enticing and effective to kill/steal.

    If Shadow Queen gets a skin, please keep her Princess Curls. Those giant ponytails are amazing and I need them in my life. You can dye them any color of your choosing: just make sure they stay.

    I adore this game! I switched over to the Asia so I could matches (albeit they're just bots/AFKers) and I cannot wait for Heroes' Arena future. It's very bright!
    Major thanks!

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