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    User base content

    Well this is a message for the developers it self.

    I wanted to know how you guys feel about user base content (YouTube videos, facebook groups and pages, etc) because I want to start creating content but because it's still in beta I eant to know what the developers think about. And second is there a place where we can get Hi-Rez images of the game character or logos so we can make better content.(heroes picture, logo, etc)

    I would make content in 3 diffrent languages and was looking for any content from you guys but you guys are not very active on the social media platforms (thats a very important thing)

    Well I hope to get a response soon, keep up the good work.
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    Dear Player
    We are so sorry that we don't have man that is familiar with cooperation with third party content providers. But players are welcome to setup their unofficial pages, websites, wikis or youtube channels. Thanks.

    Best Regards

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