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Thread: Heroes Arena : An Incomplete[In Progress] Beginners' Guide for Lobby Interface

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    Heroes Arena : An Incomplete[In Progress] Beginners' Guide

    Greetings everyone!
    Today I made my mind to do a comprehensive guide to help those who still new or die-hard on trying to learn the basics stuff about this game.
    Without further ado, please enjoy!

    P/S: I'm sorry if my accent is kinda messed up since English is not my native language.
    And if you ever find that the video cannot be played, kindly press the "Watch this video on Youtube" and it will redirect you guys to the source of the video.
    Best Regards,
    Fear Me(Asia Server)

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    Here they provided the beginners guide for the lobby interface and its the video for understanding gout in foot more about it. Thank you so much for sharing these type of amazing information for the newcomers to this website which will be very helpful for them

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