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    Post Development Journal (Version 1.4 updated)

    Heroes Arena Version 1.5 - 03/15/2018

    New Content:
    • -New Hero: Samanosuke will be in the pre-release promotion on March 13th
    • -New Skin: Samanosuke - Oni Skin (March 13th) and Monica - Stasi Skin (March 16th)

    Content Changes:
    • -Invite Friends: Players now can get a free hero by inviting a friend and can get up to 3 heroes. Complete the current quest to unlock the next one. Players can get extra rewards when the invited friend levels up.
    • -Introduced more super value packages. Hero and Skin packages will be recommended on the home page of the store for players to purchase.
    • -Roulette: The rewards will randomly change after each spin. Players now can get more item rewards from the Roulette.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • -Sun Wukong: For the 1st ability, adjusted the AD boost to (0.9/0.9/1.15/1.15/1.4). For the 2nd ability, adjusted the basic damage to (300/375/450/525/600) and AD boost to (1.1/1.1/1.3/1.3/1.5). For the 3rd ability, increased the basic damage and adjusted the AD boost to (1/1/1.3/1.3/1.6). For the 4th ability, increased the AD boost.
    • -Bastien: Increased the stunning time of 1st ability. Enhanced the slowing effect of 2nd ability. Enhanced the attack speed effect of 3rd ability and also added a movement speed effect.
    • -Xenna: Increased the freezing time of 2nd ability and the damage of 4th ability.
    • -Madog: Increased the knocking into air time and the damage of 4th ability.
    • -Orthol: Increased the stunning time of 2nd ability.
    • -Namida: Increased the damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Olivia: Reduced the armor reduction effect of 3rd ability and it now increases with hero’s level-up. Slightly increased the AD boost of 1st, 2nd and 4th abilities.
    • -Eric: 1st ability’s CD now reduces with ability’s level-up but damage slightly decreases. Reduced the damage of 3rd and 4th abilities.
    • -Kors: Enhanced the knocking back effect of the basic attack and charging mode. For the 1st ability, reduced the damage and the CD under charging mode now reduces with the ability’s level up. For the 2nd ability, reduced the knocking back distance under charging mode. For the 4th ability, reduced the AD boost damage.
    • -Skalret: Reduced the damage of 1st and 3rd abilities. Increased the CD of 4th ability’s level 1 and level 2.
    • -Anua: Increased the CD of 3rd ability.
    • -Solust: Reduced the attack range of basic attack and 4th ability.
    • -Bandina: Reduced the CD and the damage of 2nd and 4th abilities.
    • -Garan: Increased the 2nd ability’s CD.
    • -Polarus: Redesigned all the abilities. Passive ability: Polarus receives a sword force when casting 1st ability and he will increase attack damage and get damage reduction effects after receiving 4 sword forces. 1st ability: Deals damage and gives a 5 sec cold assault mark. Hit enemies without a cold assault mark to refresh the ability CD. 2nd ability: Releases a wave of ice thorns to the intended direction and freezes enemies for 0.5 sec. 3rd ability: Gains a shield and consumes all the cold assault marks within the range to restore HP. 4th ability: Launches a raid to the intended area to damage enemies within the area and freeze them for 1 sec.

    • -Improved battling experience.
    • -Improved the hero equipment recommendation and rune recommendation.
    • -Improved the hero VO and battling sound effects.
    • -Bug fixes.

    Heroes Arena Version 1.4 additional contents - 02/08/2018

    New Content:
    • -New Hero Sun Wukong will be on the Pre-release Promotion on February 27th!
    • -New Skin: Playboy Skin-Eric (February 8th), Immortal Buddhist Skin-Sun Wukong (February 27th) and Captain Drake Skin-Polarus (March 2nd).
    • -Introduced more discounted packages in the store.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • -Maverette: Increased the basic damage of 1st ability.
    • -Worven: Increased the growth damage of 1st and 2nd abilities.
    • -Madog: Increased the shield value of 3rd ability and outer circle damage of 4th ability.
    • -Skorn: Increased the basic damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Polarus: Increased the control time of 4th ability.
    • -Eric: Increased the basic damage of 1st and 2nd abilities.

    Heroes Arena Version 1.4 - 01/31/2018

    New Content:
    • -New Heroes: Kors (pre-release) and Olivia (pre-release event on Feb. 10th)
    • -New Skins: Dragon Flame Skin-Eisha (coming on Jan. 29th), MK II Silver Knight Skin-Solust (coming on Feb. 12th), Gentle Yuppie Skin-Lucius (coming on Feb. 8th) and Arrow of Affection Skin-Sylvis (coming on Feb. 8th)

    • -Introduced new special packages at 7 different levels
    • -Removed Weekly Card and Monthly Card
    • -Added multiple super value packages
    • -Some items are now available to buy with tickets
    • -Updated Roulette rewards with more obtainable items
    • -Added hero pre-release feature and released limited pre-release promotion. Players can earn the hero right after buying the corresponding package

    Balance Adjustments:
    • -Eric: The hero is relatively overpowerful. We are making adjustments and monitoring the winning rate of this hero. Reduced damage of 3rd ability and 4th ability.
    • -Harker: Redesigned passive ability. Restores Max Health by 4% after out-of-battle.
    • -Sylvis: Redesigned passive ability. Increases Movement Speed after each hit of Basic Attack, stacking up to 20 times. Increased damage of 1st ability. Increased damage of 2nd ability and changed damage dealt to one same target to one at a time. Increased movement speed and attack speed of 3rd ability.
    • -Acolith: Redesigned passive ability. Effect 1: Each hit of Basic Attack or ability places a 12 sec light sigil on the targets. Deals Magic Damage and restores Health equal to damage dealt when it reaches 4 layers of sigil. Effect 2: Able to move while releasing basic attacks. Increases damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Skalret: Redesigned passive ability. Deals true damage equal to health loss of targets if deals damage 3 times on the same target with ability or basic attack in a short while. Increased damage of 1st ability and 2nd ability. Redesigned 3rd ability. Next basic attack within 3 secs deals additional poisoning effect for 3 secs if resist damage for one time successfully within 1.5 secs. Deals physical damage to targets and restores health equal to damage dealt. Increased damage of 4th ability and introduced a circle to obtain additional CD reduction within it.
    • -Bandina: Adjusted the passive ability. Increased the lifesteal effects and the damage of 1st, 2nd and 3rd abilities. Reduced the initial damage of 4th ability.
    • -Gassiel: Redesigned the 4th ability. Reduced the regular damage but increased the AP boost damage. It now summons chaotic orbs automatically. The Orbs can be re-summoned in 10 secs since the skill is cast.
    • -Madog: Redesigned 1st ability. Flies to the intended location or the first hit target after casting ability. Increased damage. Increased CD duration of 2nd ability and 3rd ability. Redesigned 4th ability. Attacks nearby enemies 3 times. The damage range divides into inner circle and outer circle. Enemies in inner circle receive less damage than those in outer circle. 3rd attack in outer circle hurls targets into the air for 1 sec. Reduces damage by 50% while casting this ability.
    • -Obsidious: Reduced damage of 1st ability.
    • -Bastien: Increased damage of 2nd ability.
    • -Namida: Increased growth damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Eisha: Increased growth damage of 1st ability.
    • -Polarus: Increased growth damage of 1st ability.
    • -Arden: Reduced damage boost of 1st ability and 3rd ability.
    • -Sarpa: Increased damage of passive ability based on level.
    • -Angelyne: Reduced mana cost of 1st ability and 2nd ability.
    • -Xenna: Increased growth damage of 4th ability.
    • -Lucius: Reduced growth damage of 4th ability.
    • -Orthol: Increased lifesteal effect of 3rd ability.

    • -Improved battle experience
    • -Improved equipment recommendations and rune recommendations
    • -Improved hero VO and battle sound effect
    • -Several bug fixes

    Heroes Arena Version 1.3 - 12/29/2017

    New Content:
    • -New Heroes: Arden(coming upon the release) and Eric (coming on Jan. 10th, 2018)
    • -New Skins: Pop Emperor Skin – Arden (coming upon the release), Adolescent Rebellion Skin– Namida (coming upon the release), Telsa Infantry Skin– Sarpa(coming upon the release), Venus Suite Skin – Xenna (coming on Dec. 29th) and DJ Skin - Bastien(coming on Jan. 12th, 2018).

    Content Adjustments:
    • -Added Ticket. It’s obtainable in quests & events and can be used to in buying heroes and Roulette Store.
    • -Added Roulette Store. There’re exclusive heroes and skins for sale.
    • -Reduced the price of some heroes and skins.
    • -Updated Shard Store. More heroes and skins are now available for exchange.
    • -Adjusted packages. They’re now more valuable!
    • -Removed Season Card and Annual Card. They will be released again in future updates with more VIP privileges.
    • -Added 20 new type of Runes.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • -Harker: Changed passive ability to increase Max Health by 0.5% per sec. Increased damage of 2nd ability.
    • -Xenna: Changed passive ability to freeze targets after dealing ability damage 3 times. Reduced times of damage in 4th ability.
    • -Garan: Reduced damage of 1st ability. Changed additional Basic Attack effect to Armor Boost while shield. Surge Space effect of 4th ability can be cancelled manually.
    • -Skalret: Increased damage of 4th ability.
    • -Lucius: Increased Armor point of 3rd ability and changed the ability effect of 4th ability to bounce.
    • -Madog: Increased damage of 4th ability.
    • -Angelyne: Increased healing effect of 2nd ability.
    • -Obsidious: Increased damage of 1st ability.
    • -Piercival: Increased damage of 4th ability. Added additional Armor point and Magic Resist in 3rd ability.
    • -Monica: Increased damage of 2nd ability and 4th ability.
    • -Skorn: Increased damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Namida: Increased damage of 4th ability and reduced mana cost of all abilities.
    • -Noctina: Changed CD of 4th ability to 8 secs.
    • -Sylvis: Reduced damage of 1st ability.
    • -Fiorina: Increased basic damage of 3rd ability.
    • -Loren: Shortened stunning duration to 0.8 secs in passive ablity.
    • -Increased the amount of Gold obtained from achieving killing Dark Dragon and Elements Lord or destroying Turrets in Ranked Play and Matched Play.
    • -Increased the amount of EXP obtained from achieving killing Monsters in Ranked Play and Matched Play.
    • -Increased the defense value of Turrets in the mid lane, Turrets on the highland and Base in Ranked Play and Matched Play.
    • -Shortened the shifting distance of some heroes.
    • -Shortened the duration of disabling ability of some heroes.

    • -Improved battle experience.
    • -Improved recommendations of Equipment and Runes.
    • -Improved hero VO and battle sound effect.
    • -Several bug fixes.

    Heroes Arena Version 1.2 - 11/24/2017

    New Content
    • -New Heroes: Garan (coming on Nov. 27th), Fiorina (coming on Dec. 11th)
    • -New Skins: Star Ranger-Piercival (coming on Dec.1st), The Eagle Of Light- Acolith (coming on Dec.15th)
    • -Championship: The first Championship match will start on Nov. 29nd.

    • -Changed rewards in Guild Sign-in and Weekly Settlement from Diamond to Gold with 1.5 times value.
    • -Updated Special Packages with more reasonable pricing.
    • -Weekly Free Heroes: Lucius, Orthol, Obsidious, Keider, Maverette and Carin.

    Balance Adjustments
    • -Carin: Redesigned all ability effects.
    • -Maverette: Redesigned all ability effects.
    • -Lucius: Increased damage of 2nd ability and 4th ability.
    • -Noctina: Increased damage of 1th ability and 2nd ability. Redesigned passive ability.
    • - Obsidious: Increased damage of 3rd ability.
    • - Xenna: Increased AP boost of 4th ability.
    • -Gildas: Increased damage and attack speed in 3rd ability. Added new effects in 1th ability that hitting targets triggers sigil effect in 2nd ability.
    • -Sylvis: Increased basic damage and AD Boost of 1th ability. Increased AD Boost in 2nd ability and fixed the calculation bug on damage dealt by multiple arrows.
    • -Purity: Increased basic damage and AD Boost in 1th ability. Increased the effects of passive ability.
    • -Bandina: Increased damage of 2nd ability.
    • -Angelyne: Reduced CD of 4th ability.
    • -Worven: Increased damage of 2nd ability. Reduced the time during which Worven cannot be harmed in 3rd ability.
    • -Anua: Reduced the effect of restore in 1th ability. Reduced damage of 2nd ability. Reduced the proportion of damage transferred in 4th ability.
    • -Gassiel: Reduced basic damage of 1th ability. Reduced the effects of passive ability.
    • -Chronus: Reduced Basic Health and Health Growth.
    • -Increased turrets’Health in Matched Play and Ranked Play.
    • -Increased minions’ Health growth in Matched Play and Ranked Play.
    • -Reduced Resist Boots’ damage reduction in Matched Play and Ranked Play.
    • -Increased Mana Spring’s Mana Regen in Matched Play and Ranked Play.
    • -Increased the amount of Gold gained by achieving assist and kill in Matched Play and Ranked Play.

    • -Improved battle experience.
    • -Added emoji in Chat.
    • -Higher Arena Levels will be kept in Season Settlement.
    • -Several bug fixes.

    Heroes Arena Version 1.0 - 09/15/2017

    Art Improvements:
    • -Super cool refreshing UI will be coming soon!
    • -Brand new 5v5 battle scene will be available soon.

    New Hero and Skins:
    • -The new hero Ambition's Prince will be available for sale on September 30th!
    • -New Skins for 4 heroes: Metal Storm Skin-Carin, Long Vacation Skin-Harker, Midsummer Night Skin-Maverette and Midnight Skin -Bandina.

    • -Improved the Beginner Tutorial to help new players learn faster.
    • -Improved the in game combative experience to make the battles more exciting!
    • -Numerous bug fixes.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.2.14 - 08/11/2017

    • -Manipulator Redesign. In our initial design, we expected Manipulator to deal massive damage with releasing abilities and Basic Attacks in turns. But in light of feedbacks from our players, this design doesn’t accord with her positioning as a Mage. Thus we decide to make some adjustments on Manipulator’s abilities as detailed below:

    For Passive ability. Adds sigil on target hit. When the layer amount of sigil reaches 4, consumes all layers and deals true damage and deceleration effect. Restores Health to a certain extent.
    For 2nd y: Manipulator fires three arcane bolts to attack nearby enemies (Hero first), each dealing magic damage to a certain extent.
    For 3rd ability 3: Manipulator fires a shadow bomb, dealing magic damage and immobilizing the first target hit for 1.5 secs.
    For 4th ability: Manipulator dashes forward and casts shadow orbs to nearby enemies (Hero First) (3 at most), dealing Magic Damage. Manipulator can dash for up to 3 times during the period of shadow strike.
    • -Added Casting animation to Warrior of Light in 3rd ability. It can’t be released in other abilities.
    • -Optimized the screen vibration effect of some heroes.

    • -Optimized the Atk Speed growth. Differentiated Atk Speed of Heroes with different positioning.
    • -Reduced Mana consumptions of some Heroes.
    • -Increased Damage of Marksmen and Minions. Increased Health of Super Minions. Reduced Monsters’ Health in the later period.
    • -Weakened Troll Champion. For passive ability: Grants strengthened Basic Attacks in 6 secs after out-of-combat. For 1st ability: Reduced attack range and removed Armor Breaker effect by 30%. For 2nd ability: Reduced the duration from 2.5 secs to 2 secs. For 4th ability: Killing heroes reduces CD by 80%.

    • -Increased the initial defense value of Hare to the Throne and increased 2nd ability’s damage growth.
    • -Reduced the damage of Lycan Death Mage in 2nd ability.
    • -Reduced CD of Siren of the Seas in 2nd ability.
    • -Reduced damage of Truth's Light in 1st ability.
    • -Reduced damage of Namida Assassin in 3rd ability.

    • -Due to the upcoming update on the Leader’s Ability and Rune system, we remove Chests features both in Battle and Store in this version. In the meantime, we will launch daily events to release free Runes, Leader abilities and Gold.
    • -Here we got a Brand New Fast Mode! In a Fierce Battle, there will be no jungles, turrets left will show in 3 minutes and kills will show in 5 minutes. The longest reviving time is 15 secs. Come and have some fun!
    • -Newly added co-op vs. AI mode. Tired of PVP? Come and challenge our AI!
    • -Optimized the mechanism of Matched Play and Battle Royale.
    • -Added real-time chat feature on the heroes selection interface.
    • -Added Advanced Tutorial and Practice Tutorial in Training Field. You can have a shot there to try your level!
    • -Changed 5v5-PVP mode back to 3v3-PVP.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.2 - 07/21/2017

    • - Shadow Queen Redesign. Finally it is time for Shadow Queen unleashing her power. Upon reflections on our original design intention, we made modifications on her passive ability and ability 3, with a hope that the new Shadow Queen version can be stronger and cooler, hunting for any enemy who is alone. For passive ability, each hit on an enemy increases Ability Power by 8% for 5 secs, stacking up to 10 times with duration refreshable. For ability 3, Shadow Queen throws chains towards the intended direction, locking the first enemy hit. Chains are triggered every 0.3 sec to deal magic damage, lasting 3 secs. Chains will be broken when exceeding a certain distance. Enemies still locked after chains broken will be dealt magic damage and stunned.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.2 - 07/13/2017

    Prolocutor Re-design. For passive ability, basic attacks increase Attack Damage and Crit-Rate after hitting targets, stacking up to 5 times. For ability 1, Prolocutor throws his weapon to the intended direction, dealing physical damage and marking enemy units. The weapon returns to Prolocutor's casting location, dealing physical damage to enemies along the path and additional damage to marked enemy units. For ability 2, instead of waiting for the end of duration, it’s triggered immediately after it stacks up to 5 times. For ultimate ability, it reveals enemy heroes ‘locations and casts Gravity Wave to them in a delay of 1.5 secs, dealing physical damage, silencing and slowing them down.

    New Features:
    • Test on Skin Feature. We only released the Warrior’s Skin of Truth's Light in our first version. More Skin options are now on test. Stay tuned!
    • To differentiate the title of Heroes’ skins, a Hero’s title and name will both be displayed on the Hero Display page.
    • On July 15th, Season 3 will end while Season 4 begins in the meantime. All players of Gold or above in Season 3 will be awarded limited amount of Warrior’s Skin for Truth's Light!
    • Destroying Turrets button: You can turn it on with Last Hit on. With Destroying Turrets, target priority is given to Turrets in basic attacks.
    • Popular Setup in Equipment Page: Feel free to check Godlike Asset!
    • Teleport displayed on the mini map: For the convenience of your team members to check your teleporting.
    • Only Ranked Play shows in Ranking & Godlike.
    • Multiple optimizations in World Chat & Friend Chat.
    • Optimizations in rule display of Heroes’ abilities.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that the Elements Lord BUFF still existed after the hero was killed.
    • Fixed a bug that the Equipment recommendations repeated.
    • Fixed a bug that the unique ability effect did not work when purchased during a hero’s revival time.
    • Fixed a bug that the Outcast Chieftain’s second part of reinforced ability 2 could cause a calculation error in CD if not cast.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.8 - 07/07/2017

    • - The Hornblower Re-design: Passive Ability has been changed to the third time Basic Attack bringing additional physical damage equal to 4% of The Hornblower’s Max Health (doesn’t work for Turrets). Ability 3 has been changed to slowing down enemy heroes nearby and bringing a shield to resist incoming damage (up to 1,500 damage) according to the amount of enemy hits. Meanwhile the slowing down effect of ability 2 has been disabled from using. In our initial design, The Hornblower was expected to be a robust warrior marching in the battlefield with great capacity in damage and healing. But unfortunately he didn’t make it in team battle with the original passive ability and ability 3. Therefore, we added survival ability to help The Hornblower get back to the battlefield.
    • - Troll Champion Nerf. Great mechanism of Troll Champion made her very popular among players, but we also found her unduly survival & damage dealing capacity. We made the following changes to her: For ability 1, damage after each hit decreases by 20% instead of 10%. For ability 3, CD has been prolonged to 16 secs. For ultimate ability, the bullets on the fly could be blocked by the enemy heroes.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.8 - 06/30/2017

    • -The Mountain King Re-design: Passive Ability has been changed to one layer of Buff with physical attack increased by 3% for 5 secs if his abilities or basic attacks hit a target, stacking up to 5 times. Ultimate ability has been changed to deal physical damage to enemy units nearby one time once launched and increase Movement Speed by 50%. In our initial design, Mountain King was an intrepid warrior fighting with nothing to fear. However, he failed to meet our expectation due to the strict requirement in ability design. So we added Movement Speed boost to his ultimate ability as well as the effect of more damage with more attacks. We hope the Mountain King will be again on the top of warriors.
    • -Outcast Chieftain: Fixed a freezing issue while dashing with the enhanced ability of Crush Down.
    • -Golden Lion: The Golden Lion will temporarily be disabled from using in the game until he meets our quality requirement. Well the good news is, we will introduce more heroes in July. Stay tuned!

    • -Improved the out-of-sync issue in the game match.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.71 - 06/24/2017

    • Outcast Chieftain Re-design:
    • a. Reduced the Anger cost of the 1st and 2nd abilities from 1,000 to 500, now players can use the two reinforced abilities at the same time.
    • b. Re-designed the 3rd ability to fix the problem that players could forget to pause the health loss buff. The ability now sacrifices 15% of current Health to enhance basic attack and brings a 3 sec lifesteal effect.
    • c. The 1st ability can now interrupt the charging of the 2nd ability, so that the hero can release the 1st ability while charging.
    • Troll Champion: Damage of the 1st ability decreases by 10% (up to 40%) with each enemy hit by it. For the 3rd ability, instead of jumping back to previous location, the hero now jumps reversely; stunning effect slightly decreased.
    • - Tyrant: Fixed a bug that the 1st ability could drag the target to behind Tyrant.

    • - Added World Chat and Chat Auto Translation.
    • - Added pre-purchase function to the equipment store in the battles.
    • - Added 5V5 teaming-up for Ranked Play. This function is still under test mode and may be disabled at any time.
    • - Players now can unlock and change their hero in hero-selecting interface.
    • - Added report reasons and corresponding Credit deduction: feeding enemies and negative attitude.
    • - Improved the crash problem.
    • - Improved the reaction speed of opening the friend list.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.69 - 06/02/2017

    • - New Hero, Hare to the Throne - Heriss is a melee warrior with disabling and shifting abilities. Use them well with his three strike talent to deal great damage!
    • - Mountain King joined the limited time free heroes!

    • - Improved the game experience under network lags.
    • - Changed the full screen pop-up windows to smaller windows.
    • - Increased the Gold rewards for battle settlement, increased the hero shard rewards for chests and reduced the Gold rewards for battle chests.
    • - Added arena level display for battle loading interface.
    • - Added country display for battle info interface. Players now can block other players’ chat text on this interface.
    • - Added hero title to player name for chat interface to make it easier for players to identify the message senders.
    • - Added sort function for hero list in the store.
    • - If a player already owns the hero in a hero package, corresponding diamond amount will be deducted from the package price while purchasing the hero package.
    • - Added weekly rewards to daily quests.
    • - Optimized heroes' profession positioning.
    • - Added attribute info for hero display interface and ability feature for ability interface.
    • - Improved the loading speed of some interfaces.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.67 - 05/18/2017

    New Hero:
    • - Siren of the Seas—Ayola: The beautiful mermaid princess with powerful recovering and disabling abilities!
    • - Celestial Warden Re-design: The old version of Celestial Warden was not forceful enough as an ADC with low survivability, so we rebuilt this hero. We enhanced the linkage between her talent and her abilities to make her a more agile marksman on the battlefield.

    New Content and Improvements:
    • - Changed the hero picture of Ranked Play to Angel of Vengeance’s for Season 3! Fight for the honor in the new Season and earn the limited SKIN reward for you!
    • - Added auto play for battle video watching. The camera view will move automatically.
    • - Players now can hide the chat box by tapping the chat icon again in the battles.
    • - Fixed a problem that certain movement could reveal the heroes when they were hiding in the bushes.
    • - Added team-up invitation in the settings. Players now can set to block team-up invitations.

    Balance Adjustment:
    • - Titan Warlord: Reduced the damage of the 2nd and the 3rd ability. Increased the damage reduction effect of the 3rd ability. The 1st ability now slows enemies’ attack speed by 50%. We made these adjustments to increase Titan Warlord’s survivability to fit his tank position better.
    • - Grim Fate: Increased the attack damage bonus of the 1st and the 2nd ability.
    • - Manipulator: Increased the mana cost of the ultimate ability by 75.
    • - Shadowstrike: Slightly increased the attack damage bonus of the 1st ability.
    • - Burning Sun: Reduced the ability power bonus of the 1st and the 2nd ability. Increased the slow effect of the 2nd ability to 50%.
    • - Abaddon: Reduced the attack damage bonus of the 2nd ability.
    • - Winter Witch: Reduced the ability power bonus of the 1st ability.
    • - Angel of Vengeance: Reduced the ability power bonus and increased the shield effect of the 2nd ability by 150.
    • - Shadow Queen: Increased the ability power bonus of the 2nd ability.
    • - The Hornblower: Increased the damage and recovering effect of the 3rd ability. Increased the recovering effect for killing enemy units.
    • - Truth's Light: Reduced the ability power bonus of the ultimate ability. Slightly reduced the damage of the 1st ability.
    • - Outcast Chieftain: Increased the lifesteal effect of the 1st ability to 100%. Increased the attack damage bonus of the 3rd ability.
    • - Slightly reduced the magic damage attribute of the equipment.
    • - The cap of CD reduction reduced from 50% to 40%.
    • - Source of Magic: Reduced the mana recovering CD to 5
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    Post Development Journal

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.63 - 05/09/2017

    New Hero:
    • - Chimera – Sarpa: Dancing with the serpents, he is the first male hero with powerful poison abilities!

    New Content:
    • - Battle Video: Players now can switch view angles and hide the interface in battle video replay to make the screenplay clearer!
    • - Added a refresh button to refresh the guild list.
    • - Added the game update details in the update interface.

    Balance Adjustment:
    • - Mountain King: The 2nd ability costs no mana now. And the CD reduced to 9 secs.
    • - Trigger: The ultimate ability CD increased to 50 secs.
    • - Warrior of Light: Decreased the bonus effect of the 2nd ability and increased its basic damage.
    • - Angelyne: Decreased the healing bonus effect of the 1st/2nd/ultimate ability. Increased the ultimate ability CD to 35 secs.
    • - Outcast Chieftain: Increased the switch CD by 1 sec for the 3rd ability.
    • - Leader Ability: Added AD Bonus and AP Bonus for Rack and Enfeeble. The bonuses increase as the hero levels up.
    • - Monsters’ attributes now increase over time in the match. The monsters’ magic resistance in the later battle stage is also increased.
    • - Decreased the Gold & EXP rewards from killing common monsters.

    • - Improved the formula of Gold production and increased the production of hero shard.
    • - Rewards for battle settlement increase according to the battle time.
    • - A player’s name and country are now displayed at the hero-selecting interface.
    • - Improved the description of heroes’ abilities.
    • - Improved the display of being interrupted by the petrifying effect and freezing effect.
    • - Improved some sound effects in the battles.
    • - Replaced the hero posters for packages in the store with special pictures.
    • - Fixed several bugs.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.60 - 04/26/2017

    New Heroes:
    • -Outcast Chieftain: The bad-tempered chieftain crushes his enemies with his war axes!
    • -Angel of Vengeance: Banished from the Heaven, he has endured endless darkness, but now the angel is back for revenge!
    • -The hero for Beginners has changed from Warrior of Light to Admiral.
    • -Namida Assassin Ability Modification: Modified the passive ability and 2nd ability of Namida Assassin to make her a more agile assassin!

    New Content:
    • -Added the chat function in match battles.
    • -Invite Event is again available! Players now can earn the two limited heroes Truth's Light and Manipulator for inviting friends to play the game.
    • -Players now can cancel the ability casting by sliding beyond the ability range. Set it in “Settings – Control”.
    • -Heroes now have a 3-sec immunity to abilities when they revive from the Base Spring.
    • -Players now can get chests even from a defeated match.
    • -Players now can choose to switch to another random hero in Battle Royale.
    • -Added the Diamond Roulette feature to the Store.

    • -The Rankings now can be filtered by countries.
    • -A 60-sec countdown will be shown on the mini map for the spawning of the Dark Dragon and the Elements Lord.
    • -Removed the pop-out purchase box for the limited time free heroes in hero selecting interface.
    • -Location marks for the monsters when they spawn for the first time will be shown directly on the mini map.
    • -Added sound effect for Guild/Inventory/Rune/Purchase interface.
    • -Improved the fluency of basic attack while moving.
    • -Players now can tap any spot outside the emoji interface to cancel the sending. Players can also set to block the emoji sent by the enemy team.
    • -The price of diamond purchase is now subject to the players’ local currency.
    • -Save path will be displayed to players when they save pictures.

    Balance Adjustment:
    • -Source of Magic: Now slay/assist recovers 100 Mana and 15% of Max Mana for the hero.
    • -Crushing Hammer and Edged Stone: Decreased physical penetration from 120 to 75.
    • -Turret: Slightly increased the damage of the 2nd and the 3rd turrets of each lane.
    • -Recovery Method: Increased the health/mana recovering effect.
    • -Truth's Light: Decreased his basic Movement Speed.
    • -Shadowstrike: Decreased the additional damage of the basic attack after casting the 2nd ability from 350 to 240 and decreased the Attack Damage bonus from 121% to 108%

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.56 - 04/14/2017

    New Heroes:
    • -Prolocutor: The Prolocutor Gildas comes with the will of his god, swearing to spill heathen blood!
    • -Manipulator: As the top female elf leader in power, cruelly and astutely, Mayve manipulates whoever stands in her way!
    • -Truth's Light: Awoken from ten thousand years of darkness, Acolith comes back with his remarkably mighty power!

    Balance Adjustments:
    • -Leader Ability Heal: Increased healing effect.
    • -Leader Ability Shield: Increased the initial shield from 200 to 500.
    • -Leader Ability Smite: Increased the initial damage to 600.
    • -Increased the damage growth of Turrets to make it more difficult for players to dive gank.
    • -The Dark Dragon and the Elements Lord: Reduced their revival time and increased their growth attributes. Added Health and Mana regen effect to the Elements Lord Buff.
    • -Magic Script: Increased shield from 500 to 1,000.
    • -Wind Bow: Increased shield from 500 to 1,000 to resist magic damage.
    • -Crystal: Increased shield from 800 to 1,000 to resist magic damage.
    • -Abaddon: Reduced lifesteal effect of the ultimate ability from 18% to 15%.
    • -Quake: Reduced the 1st ability’s charge distance to 700. Upgrade of this ability will not reduce its CD time. Quake now increases his Max Health by 363 for each level-up.
    • -Admiral: Upgrade of the 2nd ability will not reduce its CD time. The damage of the 1st ability increased.
    • -Tyrant: Ability Power boost of the ultimate ability decreased from 18% to 12%.
    • -Lil' Witch: Increased the shield effect of the 3rd ability.
    • -Burning Sun: Increased the slow effect of the 2nd ability from 15% to 25% and reduced the mark damage of the 1st ability.
    • -Warrior of Light: Reduced the execution power of the ultimate ability.
    • -Iceblade: Increased the CD of the ultimate ability and reduced its damage. Increased the shield effect of the 3rd ability.
    • -Mountain King: Increased the slow effect time of the 1st ability to 3 secs and the stun effect time of the 2nd ability to 1.5 secs. Increased the 2nd ability’s damage and the casting speed of the ultimate ability.
    • -The Hornblower: Increased the damage of the 1st ability and the ultimate ability.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.52 - 04/08/2017

    New Hero:
    • The Mountain King is here! Charged with the thunder and lightning’s might, the Mountain King brings divine punishment down on every foe of his.
    • New Content:
    • Hero Preview: We have prepared more than 30 well-designed new heroes of different styles and they will be put into the game gradually within next 2 months. Pay attention to the Hero Preview on the main interface to learn about our new heroes!
    • Avatar Frame: Players now can get special Avatar Frames from all kinds of game events.
    • EXP Increase: If a player is 2 or more levels lower than the highest level player in a battle, he will receive extra 15% EXP.

    • Facebook Share: Players now can share their new hero or battle results to Facebook when they achieve triple kill/quadra kill/penta kill/godlike/MVP title. Note: You can complete the pre-registration quests if your Facebook friend download and join the game through your shared link on Facebook.
    • Emoji: Added different colors to the in-battle emoji so that players can tell if the emoji is from the enemy team or the ally team.
    • Increased the ability’s missile speed of some heroes.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • Quake: Reduced the health recovering effect of the third ability, AP bonus of the ultimate ability, basic damage and upgrade damage growth.
    • Slightly increased minions’ health and attack. Increased monsters’ attributes for latter battle period.
    • Transferred the EXP bonus from killing minions and monsters to the Assists so as to solve the problem that players fighting on the lanes gained less EXP than jungling players.
    • Increased the health and attack of the artillery.
    • Increased the armor and health of defensive equipment to enhance heroes’ survivability.
    • Slightly increased all heroes’ health growth for upgrade.
    • Slightly increased the damage reflect of Ghost Armor and Thorn Shield.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.47 - 03/30/2017

    New Content:
    • Pre-registration Event for Android devices: The Open Beta of Heroes Arena begins on April 14th! Brand new heroes will be released and the IOS version will be available on App Store! Join the Pre-registration Event now to get the 2 new heroes and limited avatar frame for FREE!
    • Emoji: Introduced the emoji for battle field interface. Players now can send the emoji to all the players during the battle.
    • Players now can invite guildmates and Facebook friends to team up in matchmaking.

    • The Wwise Audio: Introduced the Wwise audio solution for the game. An auditory feast for your ears!
    • Adjusted the layout of the game’s main interface.
    • Improved the battle field interface to make it more user-friendly. In addition, if an enemy hero is killed, his reviving countdown icon will appear at the upper left corner of the game screen.
    • Players now can claim daily quests rewards and open chests even during matchmaking.
    • Improved the operation sensation for some heroes, as well as the visual effects for them.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • Improved the formula of Damage Rebound. Rebound damage is now magic damage instead of true damage and it is calculated by damage dealt instead of actual damage received. Only basic attack damage will be rebounded.
    • Added 30% Ability Power for Basic Damage to increase heroes’ attack damage to the Turrets.
    • Added 50% Armor Penetration for the Turrets.
    • Scepter of Life: Every Magic Attack now adds 1 Health instead of 2 Health.
    • Quake: Quake’s ultimate ability now slows the targets by 50% instead of 70%.
    • Shadowstrike: Shadowstrike’s ultimate ability now can be cast to minions and monsters.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.45 - 03/24/2017

    New Content:
    • Localizations: Introduced a new language—Hebrew.
    • Ranking: Introduced the Global Ranking and the Friend Ranking for Arena Level, Rune Level, Account Level, Winning Streak and Total Victories.
    • Facebook Avatar: Players now can use their Facebook Avatar as the in-game avatar.
    • Facebook Share: Players now can share their battle results on the Facebook page.
    • Like Facebook Page: Players will get a free package by tapping the in-game “Like” button to like our Facebook Page!
    • Link Google Play: Players now can link their game account to the Google Play account in the account settings.

    • Improved the ability descriptions, as well as included the CD info for each ability level in the Hero display interface.
    • Increased the defense of the Base when there are no enemy minions around it.
    • Improved the visual effects of some notifications and UI.
    • Removed the “Tap Target” setting because the function might cause players to target the wrong enemies.
    • Added the Beginner Tutorials for Runes, Chests and Daily Quests.

    Heroes Arena Version 0.1.42 - 03/15/2017

    New Content:
    • The Season 1 has come to an end. All the players who have joined Season 1 Ranked Play will get the rewards according to the highest Arena Level they have achieved. Meanwhile, all guild members will get the rewards for the Guild Contribution they have made.
    • The Season 2 is here! In the new Season, we added more Arena Levels and improved the matchmaking system so that higher leveled players will not be matched with lower leveled teammates. We also prepared a special avatar frame for all the players who participate in Season 2.

    • Changed the attack order of the Last Hit into Turrets->Minions/Monsters->Heroes. This change is to help players target turrets first in the Last Hit mode.
    • Added battlefield notifications to inform players of the Elements Lord/Dark Dragon’s spawning. Players kill them to get special Buff effects!
    • Added allied heroes reviving countdown in the battle interface.
    • Players now can start matchmaking directly by tapping the “Play Again” button on the battle result interface.
    • Added the device vibration on/off option in the settings.
    • Optimized the hero attribute interface, hero-selecting interface and battle loading interface, etc.
    • Players now can add friends in the hero-selecting interface.
    • Reduced the Mana recovery speed but each level-up grants additional 30 max Mana.
    • Adjusted the Hero Proficiency’s level requirement from 200, 550, 1050, 1700 and 2500 to 50, 190, 520, 1100 and 2500. Each victory grants you 25 proficiency points and each defeat grants 5. Each MVP title of the victory team grants 10 more proficiency points and each MVP title of the defeated team grants 5 more.
    • Improved the background color of the game.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fix a bug that some heroes’ ability effects disappeared.
    • Fix a bug that some players got stuck in the Base.

    Heroes Arena - Version 0.1.41 - 03/08/2017

    New Hero:
    • The Namida Assassin is here! The most agile assassin with destructive damage power and unbeatable shift ability!
    • A limited time offer, the 60% OFF Namida Assassin Package is available for 7 days! Purchase the package to get the hero Namida, along with FREE Runes worth 2,000 Diamonds!

    • Localizations: Introduced a new language—Arabic, as well as improved the quality of the other 20 languages.
    • Added VO to the 5V5 Tutorials.
    • Players now can tap and hold the BUFF icon to view the detailed description during a battle.
    • Added sound effects to the countdown of entering battles and the star-gaining of Ranked Play.
    • Added hero combination tips in the hero-selecting interface to help players form a proper team combination.
    • Increased the attack range of the Spring Turret to protect respawning heroes from being killed in the Base.
    • Improved the walking animation of some heroes.
    • Numerous UI improvements.

    Balance Adjustment:
    • Increased the Mana capacity for all heroes. We wanted players to have enough Mana to cast abilities in the early battle period.
    • Removed the armor and magic resistance attributes from the minions.
    • Turrets now deal 30% extra damage to minions.
    • Increased super minion’s attack damage toward Turrets by 30%.
    • Increased the overall attributes of monsters. The monsters were too easy to kill in the late battle period.

    Hero Adjustment:
    • Iceblade: Reduced the range of the ultimate ability from 280 to 250 and cut down its freezing effect time. Reduced the second ability’s reinforced shockwave’s range from 1100 to 900 but increased its speed from 1100 to 1500.
    • Tyrant: Reduced the range of the ultimate ability from 600 to 500. His second ability now can be interrupted.
    • Angelyne: Increased the blessings/reprimands amount of the ultimate ability from 5 to 7.
    • Trigger: Increased the range of the ultimate ability from 650 to 750 but the missile’s collision size was decreased from 60 to 50.
    • Shadow Queen: Increased the first ability’s missile’s speed from 900 to 1300 and the mark effect time by 2 secs.
    • Admiral: Increased the second ability’s effect delay from 1 sec to 1.2 secs. Meanwhile, its range reduced from 330 to 300 and the stun effect time also decreased.
    • Warrior of Light: His second ability now can trigger crit-hit, but the crit-hit damage will be reduced by 50%.
    • Jubilee: Jubilee’s first ability no longer resets the CD of her basic attack.
    • Quake: Reduced the stun range of Quake’s first ability from 350 to 310.
    • Lil' Witch: Increased her first ability’s effect delay from 0.8 sec to 1.2 secs. Reduced her ultimate ability range from 500 to 450 and slow effect time from 3.5 secs to 2 secs, and her ultimate ability’s damage slightly decreased.
    • Winter Witch: Reduced the range of her second ability from 310 to 250 and also reduced its freezing effect time.
    • Dimension Devil: Reduced his ultimate ability’s attack speed but increased its damage.
    • Titan Warlord: His ultimate ability now brings 99% slow effect to the enemies, instead of stunning them.
    • Grim Fate: Her first ability now reduces 70% of incoming damage for 0.3 sec.
    • Celestial Warden: Increased her attack range to 650.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be stuck at matchmaking/hero-selecting/rune upgrade interface when the network disconnected.
    • Fixed a bug that the matchmaking interface button were not working while opening chests.
    • Fixed a bug that the hero’s Health bar disappeared in the battle.
    • Fixed a bug that the battle result interface froze when players used a hero of max proficiency.
    • Fixed a displaying problem of the day 6 chest.

    Performance and Stability:
    • Improved the stability on some Intel Android devices.
    • Improved the general performances in the game.

    Heroes Arena- Version 0.1.32 - 02/21/2017

    • Increased the loading speed of some UI windows.
    • Players now can choose to quit game during the hero selecting stage under training field mode.
    • Added new quick chat options according to our players’ feedback.
    • Added special pop-up window for triple kill, quadruple kill and penta kill in the battle result interface.
    • Players can receive a Hero Trial Card from the last activeness chest of daily quest.
    • Reduced the requirement of upgrading the Guild Level.
    • Players now can donate Runes in the Guild chat.
    • The AI Replacement box is now in the upper right corner so that it will not affect players’ operation during a battle.
    • Added a rules button of Rune and Guild for players to learn the details of these features.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • Quake: Decreased the AP damage of his ultimate skill and the healing value of his 3rd skill. The hero was designed as a tank that has control abilities. We don’t want him to be considered a DPS hero.
    • Frenzy: The ability’s level-up effect increased by 2%.
    • Crit-resist Cloak: The item now reduces 20% received crit-hit damage, instead of 75%.
    • Eternal Magic: The item now reduces 7% received crit-hit damage, instead of 15%. The item’s unique effect now reduces received damage by 25%, instead of 50%.
    • Eye of Curse: Skill cooldown time decreased by 10%. The item’s unique effect now deals magic damage equal to 1.5% of the target’s max health per sec.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that caused players to lose the synchronization in the battle and receive a misleading battle result.
    • Fixed a bug that the Turret attack could target the wrong hero.
    • Fixed a bug that the Base disappeared after explosion.
    • Fixed a bug that it recommended an item that the hero has already had.
    • Fixed a bug that the main game screen was beyond the border when players dragged the small map over much.

    Heroes Arena- Version 0.1.29 - 02/15/2017

    New Content:
    • Introduced Diamonds Purchasing: Players now can purchase Diamonds for better gameplay options!
    • Introduced the 7-day Signin: Sign in every day to claim rewards of Diamonds, Gold, Runes and even Heroes!
    • Video Save/Replay: Players now can save thrilling battle videos and upload them on YouTube! Diamond rewards will be sent out for outstanding battle videos.
    • Rune Donation: Players now can donate Runes to their guildmates. And in return, they will receive free Gold for each donation!
    • Introduced the Hero Trial Card: Use this card to get a free trial of a certain hero for a limited time period!
    • Introduced the Hero Shard: Collect a certain amount of hero shards to obtain a hero!
    • Introduced the Gold Boost: Use this item to get additional 40 Gold from each battle win for a limited time period!
    • Introduced the EXP Boost: Use this item to get 200% EXP from each battle for a limited time period!

    • AFK players who are of Bronze/Silver Arena Level will be directly replaced with AI players. Also, further improvement on AFK system will be implemented soon.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that incoming messages did not appear in the message box.
    • Fixed a bug that minions could accidentally consume the HP Recovery Items near the Turrets.

    Version - 02/09/2017

    New Hero:
    • The Hornblower is here! A powerful warrior with both DPS and Control abilities. Overkill isn't in his dictionary!

    New Content:
    • Guild: Players now can create/search/join/manage a Guild. Choose a Guild and join battles with your Guildmates! And more Guild features will be coming soon!
    • Facebook: Players now can link their game account to Facebook. When you link for the first time, you'll be given 50 Diamonds!
    • Added more advanced guidance in players’ first 5V5 battle.

    • Name length limit is now 15 characters instead of 12 characters.
    • Lv.1 Runes and Lv.1 Leader Abilities have been added to the Store for players to buy.

    Balance Adjustments:
    • Equipment: Increased Icebound’s basic damage by 50 and slow-down by 10%, as well as reduced its CD by 1 sec.
    • Lucent: The second and third arrows of Lucent’s first ability will no longer bring special effect.
    • Wild Card: Wild Card’s ability damage was too powerful in the early battle period. We reduced his basic attack by 5 and added 1 more attack for each level-up. Additionally, we reduced his Lv.1 ability’s basic damage by 40 while each ability level-up brings additional 10 attack damage. Therefore, the total damage amount remains the same.
    • Burning Sun: Slightly increased ability mana cost, we wanted to limit his spell power a little bit.
    • Quake: His first ability and ultimate ability could bring destructive damage to his enemies in the early battle period. However, they were not improving in later fight. We reduced the basic attack of his ultimate ability by 60 and added 40 more attack for each level-up. CD of his first ability increased a little bit in early battle, but the final CD remained the same.
    • Lil' Witch: Her third ability had too powerful immune effects for the crowd. We changed its CD to 15 seconds from 12 seconds.
    • Celestial Warden: The attack in the early battle period was weak, so we increased her basic attack by 4, and each level-up (for the first four levels) will bring additional 1 attack.
    • Dimension Devil: To balance his attack damage and increase the buff effect, we reduced the attack of his second ability by 30% but the ability now can stack up to 8 times instead of 6. To make up for this, we increased his first ability’s damage by 20%.

    Version - 01/15/2017

    New Content:

    • Daily Tasks: Players now can obtain plenty of Gold, Runes and Diamonds by completing Daily Tasks!
    • National Flags & Localizations: More national flags and localizations have been added! We will keep striving to make HA the best worldwide eSport game!
    • New Control Interface: The interface has been changed for better controlling experience. Feel free to send your feedback to us on this version!


    • Game capability and RAM have been optimized! The improvement will continue in subsequent versions for a better game experience!
    • There will be 6-10 different Limited Time Free Heroes every week. Hero price has been changed to formal price. Buy your favorite heroes and lead them to victory!
    • Each hero now has three sets of recommended equipment that focus on specific features (DPS, Nuker, Durable, Jungler, etc.).
    • Ability Attributes on different levels will be shown on Hero Display to help you get to know your heroes better!
    • Lucent's ULT ability will also be shown on minimap for you to have a clear shot!
    • Heroes' ability effects have been optimized!
    • Players now can enter ID to search friends! Team-up Ranked Play will soon be released! It's time to fight with your good teammates!
    • Improved the AFK Punishment Rule to reduce erroneous judgement.

    Balance Adjustment:

    • Daily Gold rewards of the First Victory have been increased to 100; Diamond rewards of battles have been canceled. Players will get Diamonds by completing Daily Tasks.
    • Nimble Necklace triggers immunity to damage every 60 secs; Sharp Spear triggers immunity to damage every 24 secs.
    • Increased Celestial Warden's Basic Attack distance to 600. The distance remains 700 after all spells unlocked.
    • Increased Angelyne's Lifesteal rate to enhance her survivability.
    • Increased the Warrior Of Light's second ability's damage.
    • Slightly reduced Lil' Witch's ULT ability damage.
    • Slightly reduced Wild Card's initial Movement Speed.
    • Increased the Health of Generator by 1400.

    Bug Fix:

    • Fixed a bug of the lock-in function.

    Heroes Arena Version, the MAJOR UPDATE! - 01/07/2017

    New Content:

    • AFK Punishment Rule: To create a fair and healthy gaming environment, we introduced an AFK Punishment Rule that players below 80 credit points will be denied in Ranked Play. Below is the rule’s detail:
    • a. Each player has 100 initial credit points.
    • b. If a player is detected AFK, the credit points will be reduced by 5 (If he is in Bronze level, it will be reduced by 2), and will be reduced by another 2 if reported by other players.
    • c. Players from 80 to 90 credit points can only receive half of the battle rewards. Players below 80 credit points do not receive any battle rewards. (This does not affect daily first winning)
    • d. Players below 80 credit points will be denied in Ranked Play
    • e. Players can regain credit by 2 points at Server tune 12 AM everyday or 1 point per good match.
    • Turret and Base Notification: When the Base or Turret is under attacks, all the team members will receive a VO notification.

    • Added a hint in the game to remind players of the daily first winning double rewards.-When registering, a player’s default avatar will be randomized.
    • A player will be notified when he has up to 4 unlocked chests.
    • The hero Jubilee has special movement for her skill 1. This is for players to know if her next attack is laser attack or not.
    • Equipment Quick Purchase: According to our players’ feedback, we changed the position from the left side of the screen to the right side of the screen.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that the hero Winter Witch’s ultimate skill dealt too low damage.
    • Fixed a bug that a hero might be stuck in walls when he was charging or being knocked back.
    • Fixed a bug that the allied Base Turret did not attack.
    • Fixed a bug that the Cooldown reduction buff had an effect on the summoner’s skills and equipment skills.

    Version - 01/04/2017

    New Content:

    • Introduced sound effect notification and device vibration notification when players are matched successfully: You don’t need to wait on the game screen for matching anymore!
    • If a player is matched successfully but does not tap on the confirm button, he will be denied from the Ranked Play for 60 seconds. We wanted to create a fair and healthy environment for every player in every match!


    • Greatly improved the game crashing problem caused by the lack of device memory.

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that the Chest cost 8 hours to unlock when it should be 4 hours.
    • Fixed an error in Arena Level names.
    • Fixed a bug that when a hero dies, the screen camera couldn’t move.
    • Fixed a bug that the Movement Control Stick did not appear in the Beginner Tutorial.
    Last edited by Betty; 05-17-2017 at 09:55 AM.

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    THANK YOU for fixing that 8 hour chest bug

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    Hey Betty

    Is it possible for you to keep posting the change logs and also giving a heads up when big updates are incoming? Just for the sake of us mobile data users
    After all..

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    great update i cant wait till this is complete.
    ID 1434811 <sCo>TyranT

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    *crossed fingers*
    Best Regards,
    Fear Me(Asia Server)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyrant160 View Post
    great update i cant wait till this is complete.
    Did I miss an update somewhere???
    After all..

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    There are no dreams
    There is no fiction
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jcrenzo20 View Post
    User ID: 111031
    Suggestion or BUG: Ranked Match AFK or Leaver penalty/punishment
    Device Model (for BUG): Meizu M2

    I suggest a strict punishment for the players who consistently leave or go AFK during Ranked matches, take a swift action. You know that some people can’t avoid it, carefully monitor the process to avoid punishing players who may have one-off occurrences or connection issues.

    This is the breakdown of the punishments that I suggest:

    1st Offense: Warning
    2nd Offense: 1-Day Ban or 3-Day Ban from playing Ranked match (Depending on Severity/Frequency)
    3rd Offense: 7-Day Ban or Permanent from playing Ranked match (Depending on Severity/Frequency)
    I'm okay with the credit deduction punishment, I think it is more suitable to what I suggested.

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    Well a company might lose their customer incase they implemented a ban duration for more than 1 hour.
    Best Regards,
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    Any word on when the next update would be?

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    To Betty: you added that players can obtain gems while performing daily tasks. The option is still unavailable on my game. It's also dated for 1-15-17. I think your a day ahead of me. If this is the case, when can we expect this to roll out?

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    I think she is listing the patch notes one day before the update

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    Its nice to see the gane patch notes one day before, but I woukd really love to see what are the exact numbers in the stat changes for the heroes, for example it says "Slightly reduced Lil' Witch's ULT ability damage." but from how much to hiw much. I would like to know those numbers and the scaling, that is a very important thing in a serious esports game.

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    This game has got my life and soul at the moment. I personally think it's better than MOBA legends bang bang. I'm super excited to see what comes of this game.

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    This game is better than Mobile Legend (very popular moba) but under than VainGlory (very balanced moba).
    Maybe developers can copy their strenght to make this game the best moba in Android and IOS.

    1. make ads in YouTube, facebook, or post free in Facebook game group to attract more players. So this game can be popular like mobile legend.
    2. Delete rune and unlock all abilities from very start. So this game can be a real balanced moba like vainglory.
    3. To make this game addictive, you can copy some vainglory features:
    Collect card to get hero skin,
    Optimized guild system,
    Make real e-sport tournaments so later when gamers open this game, there is a e-sport tournament cutscene video which give he hope to always play, so he can be pro to get in tournament too in future.

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