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Thread: War Guild and perpetual attacks

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    War Guild and perpetual attacks

    it seems that I, being a low level war castle, seem to be having
    a difficult time of not being attacked.
    How am I to gain enough resources to prevent being attacked, when
    it seems to be level 104's and 105's when I am a few levels below them.

    Now, the options are to burn through my gems... 300 for an 8 hour span.
    My number of gems are very few, I cant keep shelling out a minimum
    of 300 gems a day...

    I am not a rich person, I am disabled and have a monthly check of
    less than 500$ from a disability check.

    Please rethink the time covered or the amount of gems that do that
    8 hour span. Or, rethink the number of times someone may be attacked,
    the levels above the attacker is vs the level of the defender.

    Otherwise I shall be forced to quit what began as a nice game, and now
    has turned into a money hungry game.

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    y would someone atk u if u kept ur resources protected from vault?
    with good management there should be no reason to pass ur vault limit for more than 8 hours ever
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    If you stay below the maximum vault protection then you won't be attacked. But if you are planning to upgrade your building and you need to have resources beyond your vault capacity then just use the free protection for 8 hours while you disassemble items in furnace. Remember to use the furnace if you can't plunder yet at your level. Do not rely on the resources your war hall generates because if you do, 8 hours protection is really not enough.

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    I manneged to do lvl 5 WarHall with only 300 gems. First do raidings,but only attack lower players then you are because chances of retalieting are less and also you a big chance in defending, after raidings try to burn items in furnace and make exchange at market, try to focus on selling gold. And if possible also gather some chest in WoG. Another good fact is to stay online especially when you dont have any kind of protection so you can avoid attacks. Good luck to you.

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    I agree with the others in the thread that there's no reason to change the cost of shields in HCamp.

    The first thing you should do after upgrading your War Hall is to upgrade your vault (and if your vault is < WH, upgrade it now). The size of the vault gives more than sufficient protection at the appropriate WH level.

    With max vault resources, furnace burns, and marketplace trades (for gold is cheapest), you should be able to upgrade a WH with as low as 1 shield (free). I did this with WH6. Was prepared to spend the 300 gems to get me over the hump, but didn't need it.

    Another thing to consider is that the free shield resets at 5AM server. You can actually get 24 hours of shielding for 300 gems by timing your bought shield to cover that 5 AM time.

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