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Thread: Crusade

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    There is a hero who says that he is rescued in the crusade but he is not able to do it. He does not specify if it is in the store or doing the crusade and in both of them he is not getting it, so why when I click to know where he is rescued he says he is in the crusade?

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    On my server one of the new difficulties is that many people are leveling/training their ER and DivK.

    The team noted above (TF ER Sorc Chap LB) is the one I use (with great success), but you run into a DivK and he can completely derail your progression. In the last week, I've been seeing 2-3 DivKs and a few more Rabbits.

    The other thing to consider, is that many people are now training 24x7 and even the lower leveled players are boosting their teams with trained heroes. That can make a huge difference.

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