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Thread: Report bugs and Feedback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Dear Player
    We would like to know if it's caused by a bug. If you have waited longer than the estimated time. You could try to hit Cancel. If you cannot cancel the queue. It means that the game client was disconnected or lost sync. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    no, not a bug. when i next get online i'll show a picture of how long i can wait in the queue.

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    I don't know why the "heroe master shards" have the description that they can replace ANY heroe shards and they actually can't, I logged so long to get 188 shards needed to get Monica and I can't use those, I just got stuck at 25 on the Monica ones and got 193 "heroe master shards" and can't use them. Waste of time. And the support is useless as always they are so condescending, you should polish those details and your support staff.
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