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Thread: Guild flags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady-E View Post
    I'm not nationalist idiot here and couldn't give more crap about politics and independence speech in game...
    Disagree. All i heard from you was a bullshit. This guy just wanted his country's flag and here you are talking about shit and crap.

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    You clearly still have same mentality, all of you, no idea why you even separated, should've sticked together... so no point in arguing with people like you...I'm sick of you all day long in game already to deal with jerks on forum too, you can stick your flags you know where it's pretty much clear who's request was more than idiotic here and confirmed by others too, so I'm not the only one seeing nonsense in this plus hate and nationalism all over his posts, it's pointless for normal people to argue with you when you never get it(by you not speaking to you personally but generalizing on former sssr, cast exceptions)

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    I am from Tuvalu why is my flag not here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yodobashi View Post
    Problem is what we during all past GT seasons changed oure guild flag to represent all oure guildmates
    But now we cant represent oure mate from Belarus
    You can say what its only a game and i answer you - you!) because its not simply the game
    its game with real guys
    Without relationship and fun into LINE this game will be only time spending
    No flag? Then boot his ass and problem solved.

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