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Thread: Pls Update your heroes on test server !!!!

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    Pls Update your heroes on test server !!!!

    I have already posted several message about this problem but it seems that nobody care about it.

    Test server is for testing heroes to report bug before their release or to test it eventually after release to know if they are worth it or not.

    What we can do when heroes on test server and heroes on live server are not the same ????

    Thanks to do the necessary !!! And it's the same for Thunder Beast... Not about statistics for Thunder Beast but about power of her spells...
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    It is extremely concerning that no one has heeded these warnings about the discrepancies between the heroes on the test server and the live server. real estate for sale SW Cedar Park Keeping these servers in sync is an absolute necessity to ensure that the game is running properly and without errors. No one should have to suffer from having different heroes on each server, as this can lead to unbalanced gameplay and errors in the code. We must all work together to ensure that this issue is addressed as soon as possible.

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