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Not necessarily... my guess is the "Boss Battle" will have a shop and that is where you will see Musketeer, Bounty Queen, Forest Chomper, Crypt Monster, Magnetic Birdman, Frost Dragon and whoever else comes out for the Fourth of July event. That is 8 Heroes, and then every event hero after this will go there

Werewolf will be in the GA shop next month

Serpent Warlock - GT Shop
Evil Rabbit - Crusade Shop
Mechanical Destroyer - Arena Shop (Filler so Wind Priest goes to GT Shop)
Divine Knight - Guild Shop
Werewolf - Grand Arena Shop
Wind Priest - GT Shop
Bloody Earl - Crusade Shop
Avenger - Arena Shop
Steel Champion - Guild Shop
Dragon Rider - Grand Arena Shop
Hercules - GT Shop (My guess he is going to be over powered)
lol one can only hope but i find that wishful thinking. even if they really came out to shops exactly as u listed itll prolly be 1 at a time. for example werewolf to GA in july then musketeer in boss battle in august then wp in GT in september. they will just rotate between the shops 1 by 1 which means we will be 8 VIP heroes behind then 9 then 10. i really doubt theyll give us 1 vip hero + 1 boss battle hero monthly.

the pattern is just too obvious, 3 VIP behind then 4 then 5 then 6 then 7. i find it hard to believe 8 then 9 then 10 isnt coming for us.