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Thread: Serpent Warlock

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    Thumbs up Serpent Warlock

    Good day, Ucool.
    I was just wondering is this hero a real VIP hero that worth buying with gems (real money)?.
    I have him R2 full geared + 4* and yet he hardly does if he is lucky 50k of damage!!!!!!. This is one of many things that people will leave this game or just play it without paying anything for it. I know you guys are busy making people go to the new Heroes Charge 3D, but do not get too greedy and lose those who were loyal to this game because you just have to make a hero each month even if he was a crap skilled useless hero. I am not saying make him an OP hero but at least let him be useful so people use him instead of keeping him as just a collection of heroes that are useless right now.

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    Dear leader,
    Thanks for your report and information. We will keep collecting people's report and then decide if we need to adjust this new hero later. Here is for the billing topic, if you have any issues with game play, better start a thread in the in-game issue or suggestion.
    Have a nice weekend.

    Best Regards,

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