This is not a rant, but only a positive suggestion.
I like some of the new heroes we see, but I also miss some that can change the game depending on enemy setup.
Ooze is a nice example where he cannot hit flying enemies - so they are good against him.

So just brainstorming here - and not ideas for complete heroes, but more skills or functionality that would give us more interesting tactics.
Some ideas maybe already exist in some form or one single hero.
But like Turtle has a taunt, he is the only one, and more are needed, with variations maybe.

Here goes..

Negate crowd control skill.
Could be a normal skill, that cancels all CC effects, and grants 10 sec. CC immunity to all your heroes. (too strong? maybe 5 sec, or just 2 other friendly heroes)
Could be a passive-active, skill that has a 20% chance to neutralize any CC skill cast on any hero, including enemy heroes.
Could be a situational trigger skill. If the opponent has a Giant (or insert other) class hero, your own hero is immune to CC. Or he grants CC immunity to your Agility heroes (or other)

Lets expand on the situational conditions.

If the opponent has a (Type) Hero, then activate (Skill or effect, on 1 or more heroes)
Types can be anything really: Flying, Giant, Axe using, Female/male, Strength, Caster, Agility, Healing, Undead, Bluehaired (lots of those lol) etc.
Skill or effect activated could be:
"2 random enemy heroes cannot be healed"
"1 random friendly hero gain full energy whenever a friendly hero dies"
"all your heroes have 10% bonus to damage" - (again can be varied with dam, heal, str, agi, int, resist, etc.)
"all enemy heroes have 10% chance of failing their ultimates (3 sec. stun)
"all friendly heroes of same type gain 10% bonus on (insert skill or ability)
"then all AOE damage deal 10% damage to your own heroes - apply to both players." (obvious you pick less AOE for you own team)

The possibilities are limit less. And it would be fun to have more heroes, that does something based on what the enemy has in the team.

Lets get more Taunt effects.
As a normal skill, you hero taunts a random enemy hero for 10 sec. Or insert a hero type "taunts all enemy casters"
Or a trigger, if enemy heroes (heals, casts spell, dies, cast a CC etc.) then your hero (insert effekt, like is healed for 20%, or gain immunity from spells for 10 sec. etc.

Some specific ideas from the top of my head..
- Ultimate "ressurect" - If a friendly hero dies within 10 seconds, it is revived again with 30% health and energy.
- Ultimate "Vampire touch" - your next 5 normal attacks drain life, healing your hero for the same amount.
- Ultimate "Vampire drain" - you next direct damage spell (normal attack) deal double damage, and drain 30% energy.
- Ultimate - Drain 30% life and energy from random enemy hero, and give it to your weakest hero.
- Ultimate - Choose random friendly hero (if alone, then this hero) - The next skill has double effect heal or damage, and cost no energy.
- Ultimate - Mindcontrol random enemy for 5 seconds, grant that hero full energy and use Ultimate like it was your own.
- Ultimate - make your team immune to CC for 20 seconds.
- Ultimate - Undo effect of last 5 enemy skills including ultimates. Heals are reversed, damage to your team is reversed, if something is still in effect like CC its interrupted.
- Ultimate - interrupt the next 5 enemy hero skills including ultimates.

Oh I could go on and on =)

It would be really nice with some heroes that are very situational, but stong in that situation.
Like a hero that steals or counters enemy heals. Or that works like a nemesis for at special type.
We have some of those types - but need more variation.

All from me now. I hope it came out constructive and well balanced. If something is too OP, then just suggest an adjustment =)