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Thread: Server 62 New Guild Talenta

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    Server 62 New Guild Talenta

    Hello everyone, My guild is looking to create a new guild, The new guild will be called Talenta. It will be the strongest members from my guild and we hope to recruit others from both in server and from out to make a competitive guild for GT runs. The requirements are as follows:
    950k power
    VIP 10
    Level 102+
    15 Orange or higher GT teams

    A rule for this guild will be 800 stamina per day.

    If anyone wants to join but can only hit 3 of 4 requirements message me and we will take you under consideration. We have 20 spots ready to be filled.

    You can reach me at kakao chat or line chat, my id is goats123

    Thanks guys have a great day!

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    Bump bump. Guild Talenta is quickly growing.

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