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Thread: Server 78 looking for a few good players with Level 100+ AHP 900+ & Active

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    Server 78 looking for a few good players with Level 100+ AHP 900+ & Active

    Hello all,

    Is there anyone out there looking for a server or guild to join? Dothraki at server 78 is currently looking for strong players to com join us.

    I'm not going to lie and say that we are the best but we are the top guild in our server in every aspect there is. We need a few strong players that enjoy playing this game and are active.

    This server 78 is a ton of fun to be in and Dothraki guild have some of the most comical members around that will keep you laughing and entertain all day everyday.

    If you are looking a stress free environment server/guild that are extremely active and vocal then please consider us Dothraki (110197215)
    Let's have fun and enjoy playing the game and not make it a stressful life situation

    If yo are interested please contact me on Line id : hcchat73

    You can pm me here also or find me at server 78 Dothraki 110197215 (in game name is DOT>SkulL)

    Warm Regards,


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    Join server 18 number 1 guild Bloodborne. 4 GT wins and 7 times finalists. We are looking for player who are looking for new home to join. open for active player with 900K+

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