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Thread: give old heroes another chance

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    give old heroes another chance

    everyday old heroes are becoming more useless and people are forgetting them because of new over powered heroes
    will you give old heroes another chance and balance them?
    here some idea for it:

    bear warrior _ when he use ulti some attacks are missed , maybe give him a true strike and more damage.

    admiral _ make waterspout an area effect skill instead of one target and for Tsunami Pierce increase area.

    brute _ when he cast ulti if enemy die team will get 15% attacks speed and movement speed for a short time and give himself 10% life of enemy target and for his third skill anytime he takes a certain amount of damage he use it. (for example when he lose 2l hp use it)

    crossed knight _ whenever he use ulti all team take more extra armor.

    deathgore = make him harder and increase his spells damage and while he is attacking enemy he can cast spell.

    warchief _ increase him lifesteal.

    lunar guardian _ give him dodge rate and more attack speed.

    ember star _ heroes who are damaged by her skills will get magic rec.

    ice mage _ increase her ulti and ice prison damage and now ice prison make enemies slower also recovery team energy faster.

    ice spirit _ his ulti protect allies from all taken damage whether magical or physical.

    pilot _ increase his skills damage.

    shadowleaf _ she use icespark for all the arrows.

    windmaster _ gale force also slow down enemies and when she use concussion she links two enemy heroes together and stun them for a period of time.

    + bear warrior , psychopath , brute , ice mage , ice spirit , machinist , succubus , sniper , mystic
    change their look and art please

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    Un-nerf the Scorpion queen!!

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    I agree with this post for a few reasons, as follows is my personal opinion
    1) Not all players are High paying to play like myself, I do support the game with the monthly gem card and a yearly gem card on 2 accounts.
    2) Players are still free to play too.

    While I get some heroes are out of reach for me, also others will take a very long time to farm. It would help to get some of your original heroes up to speed with some of the more modern heroes. Just for more interesting game play. Example: When I do my personal crusade on hard mode, 11 of the 15 teams, no matter from purple +4 to Red, always have Queen of Curse and Manipulator in the back.. While yes it's a combo that works, why not buff "shadowleaf's" User skill to do a bit more damage to reach them in the back and take at least 1 of the 2 out? Then the fun comes back of finding more heroes to use in your situations.

    I am not ignorant to the fact some heroes are "situational"

    Also I did notice the "nerfing" of heroes:
    Scorpion Queen- Used to be a high damage dealer, now sub par on a good day

    Swordmaster - I worked hard to get to VIP 10 to get this guy.. When I first had him he was up there! I would hide him in my arena teams because he could help shred the competition... 6 months ago my swordmaster was nerfed and now he goes down 15 sec into any battle.. He is a "pay to play" hero so why would you do that to a paying player

    Frost Mage - While yes the "legendary quest" is supposed to be released in Oct 2016.. Once a good middle line damage dealer with the user skill, now she barely can do any damage..

    These are a few, I'm sure some others can be up here at once.

    In closing , I apologize for the lengthy post , but I do take in to consideration the fact of "5 hero" and " 15 hero" rankings that help your heroes out. The 3 mentioned heroes I know were affected from talking to other guild members and players on the game.
    I had 10 guild members retire from the game due to the fact they feel or felt they needed to A) pay to play to compete better or B) the few strong heroes they did have, with the past 2 big updates skill levels fell. Some heroes affected in the opening post in this thread
    Now they feel more of an unfair advantage getting stronger.
    So either the game will lose more "casual" players and all your VIP are left or more older heroes can be tweaked to offer more counter to the newer heroes. Something has got to give. While yes your High VIP players support the game with larger funds,, maybe if you give the lower and few F2P players more balance they may pay out the cost for the weekly or monthly gem cards.
    Smart business is to keep your paying customers happy but also draw new ones.
    Thank you for reading my opinion in this post
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    There are countless threads about older heroes and Betty or Ember made clear that they wont do anything like that in a foreseeable future...

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    Quote Originally Posted by burpie View Post
    There are countless threads about older heroes and Betty or Ember made clear that they wont do anything like that in a foreseeable future...
    This pretty much. Trust me I also want to see older used more often, bottom line is they won't be tweaked today or in the future.

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    well as a non vip im already very limited on gear. i dun even have enough to keep the top 15-20 up to date. y would someone like me want the useless heroes buffed? that will just semi force me to gear more heroes. i am content with how useless the above heroes are.
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    Agree, many heroes are useless atm.

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    Its always been a that one mate. from the start. I recommend go for the new ones. That could business strategy.
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    makes me sad to see old curse soo underrated

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