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Thread: one more player is quitting

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    one more player is quitting

    After almost 2 years playing this game i have decided to quit playing.I really think ucool is laughing at the players with its stupid policy.Here i explain the reasons why im so angry:

    - Crusade:I need to do it twice everyday to get a good yellow item every two weeks,the rest of items are bullshit.

    - Heroes:From time to time they create a new overpowered hero you need to have,if not you are nothing.I happened to sorceress a while ago and now its tarot prophets time...a hero who deals 40k damage with a secondary skill and kills almost every dps hero with just one hit,RIDICULOUS.Here its the proof: [img=]

    This way they make fast cash from those who spend a lot of money in the game,the rest of players are fucked up.They prefer this rather than keep as many players as possible.

    - Grand challenge:Im level 103 and i have so many full geared heroes.I wasnt able to finish the challenge these last two weeks because ucool cant balance the game nor heroes,and i have to fight level 104 heroes.They are not able to adjust the difficulty to your level,they just prefer to fuck with you by spending sooooo long trying to beat almost impossible teams.And its getting worse because they are adding new features that make you spend more and more time in this game.Maybe they think this is a job.

    - Heroes camp:Well,i dont know where to start...could you tell me what we have to do to upgrade it to level 5?impossible.Trainning field is a joke,you spend resources in heroes who usually gain 4 or 5 points of 1800 or so...another joke.It takes almost a week to forge crappy items like ancient rune,a joke as well.In the academy you spend so many resources for just a very little boost to your heroes...This heroes camp is just senseless.

    - Guild tournament:The best heroes are in this shop,but you need to be in the best guild of your server if you wanna get them,if not you are fucked up because you will never get them.But im wrong because you dont need to be in the best guild of your server,you need to be in the best guild of all the servers that participate in the tournament.And even being in the best guild,it will take so long to get them.

    Betty now its your time to lie us by saying that you are trying to change things that will never change.But the truth is that you dont fucking care about players,ucool just care about short term money,but that will be your death.

    PD:You better fire those assholes testers,because they are bullshit.

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    Preach it brother! Ucool cares not for its loyal customers! Just milking the cash cow stop the slaughterhouse.

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    1. Crusade is so easy so it would baisiclly be given away free item..a item guarentee as implimented is the only fair way. If it works as intended is another thing. I avrage a good drop once a week.

    2. Heroes...well yes..I think it is to be able to sell those 99 usd packs later

    3. Grand challange...103 can beat the lv 104 teams but you might need a few retryes. It is not impossible as you say.

    4. Heroes camp.... lv is not impossible and there are helpfull guides. Training camp is a joke I agree at the momment Books are good. Especially lv 4 and 3 books.

    5. Guild tournament..leagues should be a better way were power descides what lesgue your in. Rewards should be diffrent from the diffre t leagues
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    1. I have no problem with crusades, is not more than a 25 mins first run then raid the second run, but LUCK is definitely not on my side, i haven't seen a useful items for weeks if not more than two months, yeah, this is WTF

    2. Heroes, yes, WTF again, Tarot is killing everyone in arena and specially GC, arena is not beatable but tarot is too OP now. wait, after turtle, SQ, Sorc, betty will tell you is normal.

    3. GC, yeah, i hate wasting my time on Friday and Saturday trying to clean them all, it was super easy back then and thank you for whoever complained it was too easy, guess what. i bet some of them are somewhere in forum complaining is super hard now, WTF, eat your own words man

    4. Hero camp, only problem i have is plundering. NPC teams ucool coded in NOW are stupid hard now, they really think every player has 999 yellow bolt reels to reassemble? WTF for how many times now. Plus for hall 4 players, is hard, super hard to upgrade to 5 now if all their buildings and training field are MAX at level 4 and level 23, because you cant use the trick to upgrade one of the buildings and plunder a full amount loots then use cancellation to get 80% of loots back plus use furnace to get to 550K.

    5. Guild tournament, no comments. Everyone hate to lose, but guild tournament is basic on lane setups aka strategy WINS. Usually top guild of every server should have 900-930 full teams, so strategy wins you champions.

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