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Thread: Arise/server 13 recruiting

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    Arise/server 13 recruiting

    Arise recruits new members of thp 1040k+ because some of the old members are quitting the game.
    We always do well in tournaments and spend a lot of time on strategy and setups to help our guild chase the trophy in each and every season.
    We won 3 times and reach final a few more.
    For more info about server13 or Arise please contact me in line( id kimonas10)

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    We are a very nice and friendly guild with love for this game, with happy members, active guild chat where we speak English.
    GT won: 3 times
    GT final reached: 4 times
    Semi finals: all other seasons

    We are on server 13 which is a very active and competetive server, please join us!!! Reach me in Line, my id is nadiateam. Or reach out for Kimonas id: kimonas10

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