character name:Medad ID account:5877121
server 41 KELOS

time problem estimate: 22:00 26/08/2016

sorry for my english im spanish,the problem is the following: was trying to go up to level 5 in war hall spent about 50 million in marketplace plus many items in furnace to raise its temperature at 8000 degrees the result I got get to accumulate the 55000 points ore and lumber and 110000 points mercury but began has attack me and every attack I removed most of 20000 points you to pray and lumber and more than 5000 points mercury , I sought enemies but only gave 4000 points of ore and lumber also all of level 5, lost 300000 points ore and lumber and 70000 points mercury in 3 hours, I ask please that me to give back, to return them 550000 point ore and lumber and 110000 points mercury because think that is an error of the game in addition to very unfair, in case negative leave the game to always ,Thank you