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Thread: {Suggestions} - Abundant coins, Sort feature, temple loot, Booty Caves

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    {Suggestions} - Abundant coins, Sort feature, temple loot, Booty Caves

    Hi uCool,

    I am one of many disillusioned players of this game, and frankly am only playing because i have invested heaps of money and time in this game and have made some friends playing. I haven't spent any money on this game in almost 3 months, and likely won't until i get enjoyment back. I have 2 VIP 11 accounts.

    I have a few suggestions you could implement to make this game a bit more playable:

    1) Abundant Coins - why not have a "Market" tab in the normal shop to allow exchange of coins? Why not put better gear in these shops?

    I am not alone here. i have over 150,000 Crusade coins, 40,000 Guild coins and 50,000 Soul shop coins... If you refuse to place new heroes in this shop - why not allow a "market" feature similar to that in Heroes Camp, to allow us to exchange coins?

    Why can't you add O2/Red gear in Guild and Crusade shops, even at an elevated price... i'd be happy to fork out 20,000 crusade coins for a Crusade Sword or 50,000 coins for a Wraith Lorica...

    2) Can we get a Hero Sort feature?

    Can there be an option implemented allowing us to sort our heroes by Power, by Stars, by Promotions, by date of acquisition etc.
    I'm tired of having to continually scroll all the way down to the new heroes to promote or check gears etc. it's also a pain in the a$$ to scroll down to 4* and 3* R1 and R2 heroes to use. It would be nice to be able to quickly jump to a hero you want easily.

    3) Can we get an option to choose potential Temple loots when temple pops up?

    I'm not the only lv102+ player that has a surplus of Staff of Revenant/Burning Axe/Haste Daggers...
    Can we have the option to select from previous Temple loots when the temple pops? I'd love me some more Frozen Stones, Corrupted Masks and Antique Halberds....

    4) Can we have our previous booty cave teams remembered? or a re-deploy option available?

    Similar to Crusades, it would be AMAZING to be able to just click re-deploy to a completed cave and that's it... it is VERY tedious to deploy 4x caves on 2 games AND pick the individual team composition EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
    It would be a godsend for this feature. if that is too hard, why cant the previous teams' just be remembered the same as Grand Challenge, Trials, Rift, Portals and Crusade does.

    Thank you for your time, and i hope other players agree with me and we can get some, if not all of these suggestions added to this game.

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    UCool are a pack of greedy bastards, don't care about anything but gold Lining their pockets.

    I Hope this game dies and you get sued for plagiarism.


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    Suggestions 2 and 4 made me hard because that would be very useful, not difficult to implement and it has nothing to do with Ucool's profits, so there would be a chance if they were even reading this forum's section, but they don't, so well, light a candle.

    1 and 3 won't happen because if it means they could lose one fucking potential dollar used to buy gem, they will never do it, that's how greedy Ucool actually is.

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    Vote 4 YES for 4 suggestions!
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    I have sad info for you, admins dont give a fuck about your thread
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