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Thread: Plundering from guildmates is absurd.

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    I don't see any players anymore, all NPCs from my enemies list.
    When you found an exploit, shut your mouth and exploit it as much as you could. Only tell ucool to fix it when you're too stupid to use it.

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    I also only see high lvl npc's and that thing making nearly impossible to get something from plundering. That's pretty unfair, cause I can collect resources only from furnace... And also that's unfair cause high lvl enemy's keep plundering me. Each one just stealing 5+k of main resources and about 1.5-2k mercury. How do I have to collect resources in that world? I have the answer - nohow. PLEASE, MAKE THE PLUNDERING A BIT MORE BALANCED AND FAIR. Thank you.

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    Our server 58 is busy too but sometimes, warhall plundering from guildmates happened due to the fact that it is kind of hard to see the name of the person you are about to plunder. Lots of time, my members and me (I am guilty on this too) missed the name because we were too focused on the amount of resources we would get.

    My suggestion to ucool is to make the name bigger and/or have a extra saying stating what guild the player is at so we can all watch out for each other.

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    Just adding my approval to this. Some guilds require users to change their name prefix to reflect the guild, but many don't. For those that don't, it's easy to accidentally plunder a teammate without realizing until it's too late.

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