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Thread: Dear Ucool - Commanders of Evony still has Life

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    Red face Dear Ucool - Commanders of Evony still has Life

    July of 2014 was the last time we received public acknowledgement from Ucool that we had a living breathing game.

    It is now officially the 2-year anniversary of when we lost support to this beloved game. Despite this there are many MANY players still investing into the game, & a great deal more still playing daily.

    In October of 2015, we sent a mass mailing to the Support link. A few hundred players received all the heroes we currently have available!

    We still sat & waited for further development & attention from Ucool. Despite getting none, we continue to log in daily, & many continue to invest money into this game. Many more would if we had further development.

    Quite a few players stopped playing over the last two years that have said they would come back if there was development. However, we still have not seen any.

    I had a billing inquiry & received 0 support & was not surprised by this lack of support. I was upset about this & looked at look at the forums. They are just such a sad state of affairs there. Our forums are inundated with posts about Heroes Charge.

    I decided to post in the Technical Support forum about how COE needed some attention anyways. To my surprise, I got a response... from Heroes Charge Community who received my post.

    All our forum moderators are in Heroes Charge. Apparently, the forums are linked. This got me to thinking.

    If we could as a COE community log into the forums & post that we want further development we might be heard. We should not just post on 1 feed. We should open several with different members opening them.

    What will it hurt to try?

    To get into forums - @ log in page click Forum.
    Top of the page if you have not used the forums please register.
    If you have posted prior. Your username & password will be <ALC>OriginalName - original alliance in <> & your original account name.

    Also, there is a Facebook page for COE please post you want to see more development there as well.

    No Threats, let's try honey b4 vinegar
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    Tech support and some additional hero development could keep several folks in the game. We see a significant decrease now in the number of players. Those of us that remain like the game and would even spend some money if there was support and development. There would be many player suggestions for improvement, as I saw in the Age 1 game. We'd like to see some of the holiday bonuses, tournaments, etc that UCool offered in Age 1 and 2.

    Please give it some thought.

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    I was playing on realm 2 forever and yesterday i met a guy from realm 3. There are still a lot of active Players there, unlike on realm 2. getting ported today or tomorrow, hope it works


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