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Thread: 2 daily gems from installing tower,, UCOOL

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    Thumbs up 2 daily gems from installing tower,, UCOOL

    haven't been receiving my 2 daily gems from installing and building watch tower. i received the 1st 2 daily gems when i installed it but nothing since.. how to report this or fix it ?

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    Hi you can contact customer support with your login email and lord name attached. Thanks.

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    Raymond this is happening to everyone first day 2 gems after that none

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    If you've turned off all the notifications, you won't collect daily gems. Click on the watchtower when you log in, activate something, wait for the button to light up, collect your gems, then deactivate until tomorrow.

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    UCool are dishonest. In Heroes Charge, if you reach certain VIP levels, you are meant to get bonus gems for buying normal gems. For example, at level 13 VIP you are meant to get 90% extra gems when you buy any gems from them. However, I have recently bought an heroic sack from them, which pays 500 gems. At VIP 13, I should get 450 bonus gems on top of that, but I only got 135 bonus gems. On contacting UCool, they say that this is because bonus gems are only calculated on basic gems purchased and that 500 gems consists of 150 basic gems and 350 additional bonus gems (ie bonuses for any player irrespective of VIP level to try to entice you to buy). However their offer doesn't tell you this. So while you think your VIP bonus is being calculated on 500 gems - a quite reasonable expectation given UCool doesn't let you know differently, UCool is short changing you people. I expect that they pull the same sort of deceptive behaviour on any games they have on offer. I would suggest boycotting UCool purchases and writing in to iTunes to advise of UCools deceptive and misleading conduct.

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