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Thread: Top 3 Guild Legenden srv 63 looking for new members

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    Top 3 Guild Legenden srv 63 looking for new members

    Informations about the guild:

    1. We have a group on LINE where we chat, discuss new formations for tournament, help in arenas and entertain ourselves by being friendly and funny!
    2. Constant quarter finals in guild tournament. We reached final in last season 11.
    3. Guild Raid 17-19 open
    4. Our guild is international and include players from all over the world (Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, USA, Portugal, Palestine, Belgium, Vitname, Thailand, Taiwan, Columbia, Austria, Estonia, Spain, and many many more

    Languages spoken: english, german, portuguese, french, dutch, arabic and spanish

    Requirement for applicants:

    1. Level 99 player with 800k+ total power that at least have 8 strong teams for tournament
    2. Respect every member in our family and play like a brother in our family where everyone helps if he can
    3. Daily full contribution 450
    4. Daily raids in all open chapters without missing any raid (full raids is a must)

    We aim to get stronger and help others get stronger too!! We discuss all issues with the group...we stand together, we fight together and have fun as well.

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    Hi how are you doing

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    come to server 5
    Guild umadbro?
    Guild id: 110159057
    Server 5
    Lvl 104
    Power: +1million
    Pm me on here or on line app. Id is gustavomadeira if you are interested in merging with us or just want to migrate to a seriously competitive server.
    2nd Guild Umadbro?? 110159062. Perfect guild for growing players with all the support from the 1st guild.
    Line Group active and available to all members. Loads of info and advice on how to grow.

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