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Thread: blacksmith (miner)

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    blacksmith (miner)

    a new feature that let leaders take more fragments by forging (or mine)

    forging is a place that blacksmiths or miners work there and create fragments for heroes. a medium player can make purple fragments and high levels can make purple or orange or red fragments based on player level. each time they start working it takes 24 hours for finish. forging needs blacksmiths for start working and without them can't start creating fragments.
    for getting blacksmiths we need find some orcs or elves or trolls or dwarfs and train them.
    each leader can have daily 3 raid attacks to islands for a chance to find dwarf or trolls as a loot and turn them to blacksmith.
    for start working in forging you should have more than 1 worker and when you find 2 workers you can start creating.
    max worker number is 7 and you can't have more than 7 workers. each worker increase fragments income 3% and reduce working duration 2%.

    _when forging finish and you receive fragments for restart working instead each worker you should pay 12 stamina and 5k gold

    _i don't know if you can attack other players and steal items or not (maybe daily 1 chance for attack other players.)

    _ blacksmiths are not immortal , after seventh period of working they have 50% eventuality for die when you restart work.

    _if you want protect you workers from die after seventh time you should give them 2 days for rest.

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    It is a good idea, but unfortunately I think ucool have got lots of stuff to fix in on going game proses thus they would not be able to start working on this system in near future ,,(

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