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Thread: New Proposal for Improving the Game

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    Wink New Proposal for Improving the Game

    Well I am here again to propose some proposals more than I have already left here on the forum, for those who did not have the opportunity to read the information is in this link: suggestions-for-the-development-of-the-game.

    Proposal 9: Friends List

    It would be interesting to impose a list of friends where you could have to force his friend the limit could be 3 times depending on the vip player. In addition to your friend gain force you can match it to return the gesture.

    Proposal 10: translation within the game

    a self translator would be interesting for your chosen language in the game chat, in many cases by the few active players within a server, you choose to go to a guild where different from your country think this option would greatly facilitate communication.

    Proposal 11: Improved mechanics add points Skills.

    Just as we have the option to hold the items when forging equipment should have the same mechanics to add skill points.

    Proposal 12: Proposal 12: The island of Commerce

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    It would be an island where players could sell items, these items could be sold for an amount of Coins leaves would be the currency of the magical trees that could be exchanged for champions fragments, this trade would only be released to those who reach level was 100

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    I don't know if it has all ready been suggested but, how about adding a trading post in the game. A place where you can trade items/gear/soul stones/etc. with other guild members? For example, let's say you have a moonglow that you don't need, you could trade it for an item that you do need (like a wizards hat) from another guild member. Seems like this would be very helpful.

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    Proposal 12 - adding another shop to buy items would just become outdated 2 months from time of inception and never updated for the rest of the year like most of their other shops.

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