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Thread: no more 320ss packages anymore

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    Thumbs up no more 320ss packages anymore

    good day guys,

    Today I received a wonderful greedy answer from Betty that it seems many players were complaining about the heroic packages contain 320ss so as you all know Ucool are always looking after their players so the decision maker decided to change the heroic packages and the next packages will only give 95ss.
    and here is a quote from what Betty's answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    Dear Leader
    It seems that we received many complaints saying that it's not fair that some heroes were much cheaper than other thereafter. So the decision maker changed the policy on the Heroes Package and starting making all heroes the same price. I will forward this thread to him but I doubt that he would change his mind again. Thanks.

    Best Regards
    and as you can see Betty said that she doubt that he would change his mind again to return the packages as they used to be (ofc he won't change it more money to Ucool). which means she is saying clearly do not bother to open this subject again.

    hope that everyone make a topic about this in the billing issue and do as many complaints as you can there we might have a chance for them to return it the way it was if we did that unless you guys are happy with what Ucool is doing

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    Can you please stop posting this in multiple threads?

    We hear your whine already once, no need to see it everywhere....

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    yeah, you're upset, we get it already

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    Dude this is your third thread, we know you spend thousands of dollars on the game and have bought countless amounts of these, and your just mad that things changed. The game will always change, otherwise it will get boring. Not many other people are that angry about this, so please stfu
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