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Thread: Item farming question

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    Question Item farming question

    So I've been wondering the following for a while now;

    Let's say you need a rough hewn axe. You have 2 options to farm the item in campaign (ofc valkyrie too).

    -Chapter 9 (gathering intel) which costs you 8 stamina for a single clear.
    -Chapter 10 (a single hand raised) which costs you 10 stamina for 1 clear.

    My question is: Which one is better to farm the item? The logical option is 9, cause you can do it more times.
    But i've been wondering that maybe the droprate is higher in chapter 10?

    Anyone who can give me some insights on this matter?

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    There might be differences in droprate, although not too much if even.

    More important is:
    Farm an item there, where also another useful drops
    The "Where to get" info unfortunately does not show all stages you can get an item from.
    Hewn Axe for example drops also in first stage of chapter 19,other items are obtainable even in far more as shown.
    You also get more Xp items and gold from higher stages

    However, depending on your TL, I wouldn't farm Hewn Axes (although I know you need a looot of it), this can be bought in Crusade or soul stone shop and you get it also from trials and portals

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    well i farm in 19.1, rha cost 14 stamina per raid and every stamina refresh can raid 8 times only, drop rates doesnt increase, but i have chance to get peerless and dragon shoes fragment.

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