So I propose a possible solution to all this hoopla over releasing upper tier heroes to GT shop. Why not add a tab to GF shop similar to merchant shop and add the following:

Total of only 6 slots
Upper left 5 ss of any hero from GT shop
Cost 180 gems
Upper right another hero from GT shop 5 ss
Cost 180 gems
Middle left 5 r gear reels 120 gems
Middle right 5 r gear reels 120 gems
Bottom left 5 r1 gear reels 180 gems
Bottom right r1 gear reels 180 gems

To keep this feature sufficient don't add a refresh button, make it similar to how SS shop began when first released.

I don't think this is too much to ask for and it can increase our options to a minimum so that a player's primary focus is not just farming ss from GT.

What are your thoughts?